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One of my beloved and dearest Pashtun female friends wrote this beautiful poem and I just had to share it on my blog! I hope more and more of the brilliant Pashtun women in my life come forth and share their gems; whether it’s through their writings, poetry, or art. Anyway, without further ado, enjoy!


Orange sunset and his hand
In my heaven do I stand!

His blue eyes sending me to trance
As sand shimmers and tides dance!

Sunrays striking his face
Brightening his magnetic grace!

His smile–infectious and bright
Addictive looks with divine light!

Smiling beloved and blowing zephyr
Of love, beachy sand a quagmire!

Barefooted he runs on sand
After me; catches my hand!

His hug so nice and warm
As bees bonding in a swarm!

The breeze, the sand, the rainbow
Beloved sweeter, or nature’s show?

Lovely sunset; his looking at me
Lucent sun, but brighter he!

Even rainbow with bright colors
“Envies you”, intuition murmurs!

He is celestial, he is ethereal
Surely my dream became real!

The persona, the aura, the magnetism
Having him may push me into narcissism!

Of my heart he is the lone lily
Which, barring him: a deserted valley!

His gaze and the metaphysical chemistry
He and the matter to remain a mystery!

Hand-in-hand, looking at horizon
Isn’t the match made in heaven?

His whisper, my heartbeat; his soul, my spirit
Two bodies, one spirit; love with no limit!


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