Hello World!

I have been meaning to start my own blog for quite some time now. However, due to my hectic schedule, I never really got a chance to devote any time to it. And yet, after much contemplation, I’ve finally decided to dedicate a bit of time out of my busy schedule each day, week, or perhaps even a month to write about things I’ve always wanted to write about; mainly politics, psychology, anthropology, literature, philosophy, religion, culture, and feminism. To me, writing is like a pencil that needs to be sharpened each and every time time you use it, or else it loses its sharpness and vitality, becoming dull and uninspiring.

Inspiration. Now that is a whole different topic on its own. I am sure everyone has, at some point, been inspired by something they’ve read, seen or experienced. I personally believe that behind every motivation there is inspiration, as people rarely do anything without a purpose. We, as humans, believe that we each have some sort of purpose on this planet we call Earth. And in order to serve that purpose, we have to ensure that we have the vision and inspiration to guide us in that motivational direction.

My inspiration has been derived from a lot of things – be it art, philosophy, literature, etc. But my inspiration has not always been limited to the things that I have read in books or watched on television. I have also been inspired by the people I have met throughout my lifetime; people I knew; people I just met; and people I will meet. Each of these people have taught me (or will teach me) something new (about myself and the world) and inspire me in one way or another; even the ones I do not keep in touch with anymore.

Anyway, as I conclude my first post, I just want to say that each person is unique and special in their own way, regardless of race, class, or gender. We are all humans first before anything else and should learn to love and respect each other as such.

I look forward to expressing further knowledge and opinions on topics I can literally write books on. So, dear guests, enjoy your stay here and don’t hesitate to leave a comment.


3 responses to “Hello World!

  1. Great site this pukhtana09.wordpress.com and I am really pleased to see you have what I am actually looking for here and this this post is exactly what I am interested in. I shall be pleased to become a regular visitor 🙂

  2. And with this I have read your entire blog from end to start! Brilliant articles, beautiful poems and amazing art! I’m glad I found you!

    • Waiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii zaar sham darna! I can’t believe you actually took the time to read my whole blog! :O You’re such a darling! ❤ I am so glad you found it worthy enough, though I am really embarrassed you went as far back as 2009, 'cause I've written some stuff I was contemplating deleting, LOL. I mean my thoughts and way of writing has definitely matured since then, but still. :: blushes ::

      I am still going through yours, though. It seems like you started yours wayyy back in 2004, but I am glad, 'cause I'll have some great reading to catch up on over the weekend!

      Oh, and I am SO very glad you found me too, else I wouldn't have known there existed a super intelligent, wonderful, well-read, and amazing Pakhtana like you out there! You're a GEM! 🙂

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