I Have A Dream (Version One)

I have a dream.

And very much similar to Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s dream about the Civil Rights Movement, my dream is about the freedom and betterment of my beloved Pashtuns.

I have a dream that someday we will get rid of fundamentalist monsters like the Taliban, created by an even bigger monster – Pakistan – that are brainwashing our young Pashtun boys to become suicide bombers in the name of religion; killing innocent civilians; enforcing marriage with young girls and even going as far as raping them; banning our women and children from going to school; and further pushing us into an abyss of darkness!

I have a dream that someday we will overcome this genocide inflicted upon us by the Pakistani government, whose ultimate goal is to see us crumble and shatter into pieces, eventually wiping us off of the face of the earth!

I have a dream that someday we will break free from the hold that Pakistan has over us and create our own Pashtun nation – Grand Pukhtunkhwa – where Pashtuns from either side of the durrand line, between Afghanistan and Pukhtunkhwa, will become UNITED as one!

I have a dream that we will become a technologically advanced, successful, and independent nation, with an economy and infrastructure beyond that we’d ever imagined.

I have a dream that our youths will advance intellectually, studying subjects like Science, Math, Physics, Biology, Psychology, Philosophy and even Literature.

I have a dream that our women will become heavily involved in politics and have their voices heard!

I have a dream that Pashtuns will have the highest literacy rate in all of Central and South Asia!

I have a dream that extremely inhumane and backward customs like SWARA will be completely eradicated.

I have a dream that we will have schools, colleges and universities in every corner instead of mosques and religious institutions.

I have a dream that our Pashtun youths will get involved in extracurricular activities, such as sports, music and the arts; and will not be afraid to express their creativity.

I have a dream that our Pashtun women will be headstrong and independent, without ever having to rely on a man. She will be a woman of great calibre and individuality, not afraid to speak her mind and not afraid to pursue her goals, without having a man stopping her from doing so.

I have a dream that we will have a secular nation; a nation not reliant on religious customs or beliefs, but rather a nation that places strong emphasis on humanistic and socialist dogmas.

I have a dream that someday we will be one of the most powerful and prosperous nations the world has ever seen; our pride being our glory!

I have a dream that we will be a very peaceful nation.

I have a dream that we will be a nation that will be FREE of outside influences, impositions and forces; we will be invincible!

I dream that I will live long enough to see this happen; but if it doesn’t happen in this lifetime, one can only hope; for hope is what keeps us going, and hope is what keeps us motivated, and hope is all that we have left.

Long live Pukhto, Pukhtuns and Grand Pukhtunkhwa!

© April 2009

6 responses to “I Have A Dream (Version One)

  1. Ahhh!! What a beautiful and vivid dream!
    How do you suppose we could go about making this dream come true, though? 😥 How do we get out of our current situation so that we will be able to give wings to this dream of yours (which is the dream of every Pukhtun)?

  2. Great post. Like you said it’s a dream. People like yourself, who have access to education and other opportunities outside of pukhtunkhwa should take it upon themselves to go back once in a while to assist and educate the people (especially the youth, whose mindset isn’t carved in stone yet). I understand you are frustrated with the Pakistani government but you have failed you mention that the Pukhtun society lacks leaders. Nothing can be achieved if political barriers are broken down. Same goes for religion, people need to realize religion must be separated from the state; religion should not escape the boundaries of your home. Lastly, people need to be a lot more selfless, communal goals should be given higher priority over individualistic financial and political gains.

  3. I am sorry to say you does not seem to be a muslim because for a muslim mosque should always come first and you are not helping pashtuns becoz u don’t even know what a pashtun should be. People like u are also extremist because taliban want to impose their version of islam and you want to impose yours. Sorry to say you don’t even know why Allah created human being and wat a true muslim should think and act. If there is no religion then there will be no humanity. I think you have lost your way. You are a self proclaimed reformist and social worker who can do nothing for pashtuns. You should stay in canada and don’t even think of changing this society because you will not change anything. you will destroy everything instead if u get power

    • Hello Anonymous,
      Thank you for your comment and for dropping by.
      I appreciate your thoughts, however, could you please explain to me what a “true” Muslim should be like, for it’s obvious that I have lost my way, living in the West and all. (The evil, infidel West that it is!) So, please, please enlighten me as to what a true Muslim should think and act like. What kind of behaviours do they have? How do they dress, eat, sleep, etc.? If possible, I want as much detail as possible so that in the future I don’t mislead people and maybe even poison their minds with my highly litigious thinking/opinions. And since you say that because I don’t seem like a Muslim that I can’t help my Pashtuns, then can you also please explain to me what “Muslimism” has anything to do with humanitarian work? I am confused and lost, as you say, so please brother/sister, show me the right path for helping my Pashtuns is my dream and passion and IF people think I am not Muslim then there is no way I could ever help them. 😦 Your comment made me sad.

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