Reflection In The Water

I see a reflection in the water, dark and full of shadows
But who do I see?
Is it really me or is it a figment of my imagination?
There is darkness all around me
I’m so alone.
Suddenly I feel you come up behind me
Your brightness overwhelms me
I am blinded for a millisecond
But I’m glad you came, for I was waiting for you
How long?
Can’t really say, but it felt like an eternity
And as my darkness mingles with your brightness, I get intoxicated and dizzy
I don’t know who you are, but I know we’ve met before; in another lifetime
Your presence sends shivers up and down my spine
Now I see two reflections in the water, one is dark and the other is bright
It looks like a black and white orb; like a Yin Yang
And like the symbol, we are entwined as if we are one
I am yours and you are mine
Your aura awakens my hidden desires; causing my skin to sweat and burn
The water ripples and sizzles
Our images gets distorted
Yet, I still don’t know who it is that I see in the water
I feel your hand slowly seep into mine; and your soft, warm breath on my neck
You whisper something into my ear, but all I hear is the sound of the ocean
But I still cannot see you
Do you even exist? Or are you a figment of my imagination?
Perhaps I am dreaming
Yet, it feels so real
I listen to your heartbeat: thump-thump, thump-thump, thump-thump…
And the beats are perfectly in sync with mine
I hear you sigh
What? Is something wrong?
No answer…
I look behind me and you have vanished
Am I going mad?
Is this what insanity is? Seeing, feeling, and believing something that exists, when in reality it doesn’t?
Or is it me that does not exist?
Could it be that you and I are living in two different realms?
I see you, you see me, yet we both don’t see each other except in our imaginations?
Ah, such nonsense!
I cannot believe this for you are real,
And I am deeply and passionately in love with you
With you, I feel an ultimate sense of euphoria
You come to me each night, teasing me through our reflections in the rippling water
Brightening my dark days and blowing life into me as I stand and stare at the soft undulations
If this is not real, then call me insane
For I’d rather be insane and have you come to me time and time again, filling me with pleasure and life
As I anxiously wait for you to come back to me,
I am once more enveloped in darkness and shadows that try to choke and suppress me
The water is pitch black,
Calm and naked without your luminosity
I cannot see myself in the reflection anymore
I am alone, once again.

© August 2009

3 responses to “Reflection In The Water

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    • Aw, thank you so much! This was actually one of my very first poems I wrote, when I started writing poetry again. I try to use a different variety of styles, ’cause I feel one style gets boring, and poetry needs to be versatile, in my opinion. But I’m glad you liked it. It’s an honour, considering you’re such a brilliant poet yourself. 🙂

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