I Have A Dream (Version Two)

I have a dream…

And very much similar to Dr. Martin Luther King’s dream about the Civil Rights Movement, I dream about the betterment and freedom of my beloved Pashtuns.

I have a dream…

That one day we’ll get rid of the monsters oppressing us,

Breaking loose from their chain of misery and chaos,

To bring hope and prosperity to the mindsets of our future generation,

Possible only through a geographical separation,

Establishing our own independent nation,

Free from impositions and alienation.

I have a dream…

That we’ll gain our freedom of speech,

Without our foes causing a breach,

To advance ourselves by taking a chance,

While ensuring that we hold our stance,

It is clear that our enemies do not want to see us grow,

Nor do they want to let us go,

All they want to do is blur our vision,

And manipulate our minds in the name of religion.

I have a dream…

That someday we’ll break free from that thin line –

Known as the Durand line

It will dissolve into a line of unity,

And we shall at last become a branch of one community,

The differences taught to us will not matter,

Thoughts will scatter,

But through our pride and strength, we will not shatter!

I have a dream…

That we will succeed as a  powerful Pashtun nation,

Prospering in technology and education,

To study subjects like Math, Science, Philosophy, Psychology, and even Literature,

Ensuring that knowledge and intellectual enhancement becomes a part of our nature,

That we shall leave behind a prophecy,

By rebuilding monuments and educational properties,

To bring democracy,

And reject hypocrisy.

I have a dream…

That backward and inhumane customs like “Swara” will be completely eradicated,

Allowing our Pashtun women to become liberated,

To bring justice to those that commit crimes,

And punish those that have brainwashed our children’s minds,

To rise from neglect,

Whilst gaining back our respect.

I have a dream…

That power is what we’ll gain,

On the soil on which our ashes remain,

We’ll rise as a nation,

Allowing our future leaders to think freely,

Through creativity and intelligence,

Paving the road to independence.

– July 2009

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