A Man That Cooks Is A Keeper

I’ve always dreamed of marrying a man who’d cook for me and make me a romantic dinner as I came home late from work; or was taking a nap; or perhaps relaxing in the living room, reading a book or watching TV. And I can honestly say I got extremely lucky when I met my husband, Abaseen. Not only is he super intelligent, kind, sweet, cute, and lovable, but he’s also quite the chef! And believe me, this man LOVES to cook! He cooks just as good as my mom, and that ‘aint no lie!

I know there are men out there who don’t like the idea of cooking for their wives as they feel that it demeans them and makes them feel like “less of a man.” And the sole reason they think this way is because they believe that it’s not their “place” to cook, and that it is the woman’s job to not only clean and take care of the kids, but also to cook. As a result, such men refrain from cooking or doing anything remotely domestic. I guess, in a way, I can’t blame men who think this way as they have been brought up in extremely conservative surroundings, and have been conditioned to believe that men are the head of the household; their sole purpose is to work outside of the household arena in order to provide security for his family. Although there is absolutely nothing wrong with this,  there is also absolutely nothing wrong with men taking on roles that were traditionally only reserved for women. I am not implying that a man’s place should be in the kitchen, but rather, it is OKAY for a man to take on such roles and not be ridiculed, belittled, or labelled for it. Thus, the point I am trying to make is that men should NOT be afraid to take part in domestic roles, because it does not, in any way, undermine his “manliness.”  If a man likes to cook, why should society judge him negatively for it? For most, it’s almost like a hobby that they enjoy. After all, the greatest chefs in the world are men.

As a matter of fact, men should have more of a reason to cook; as such men are very much favoured by women. I know this because every single woman I’ve known have told me how they PREFER a man who cooks over a man who doesn’t. I mean hey, can you blame them? Men who cook are hot! And I believe that the main reason women love the idea of men  taking joy in cooking is because it makes them appear powerful. I know this may sound a little strange, and perhaps ironic, but women do get intimidated, in a good way of course, by men who cook. And this is only because women realize that with men having this privelege, it makes them less vulnerable as they wouldn’t need to rely on women to prevent them from starvation. Sheesh, imagine if that were ever to happen?! Ah, Science bless these lovely, domesticated men!

So, anyway, over the past year, my better half has indeed cooked up quite a storm! He’s made so many dishes that I can’t seem to recall all of them. However, below is a list of SOME of the super delicious dishes he’s cooked (I have included a few pictures of the dishes for your viewing pleasure):

  • Beef haleem
  • Bihaari lamb karhai
  • Chicken karhai
  • Lamb Nihaari
  • Beef chapli kabab
  • Eggplant curry
  • Beef stew
  • Lamb korma
  • Pizza

*Note: He’s a huge meat-lover, so most of the dishes he cooked this year heavily involved a lot of “red-meat”.

However, I’ve decided to cut out red meat from my diet, starting  in the new year; and that too for good. This decision was made not too long ago. So, he’ll have to make slight adjustments for my sake. I’ve told him that he’s more than welcome to eat as much red meat as he wants. I, on the other hand, am hoping to become a vegetarian someday soon ‘cause I feel it is healthier and also because I wouldn’t have to bear the thought of the pain and brutality that the poor animals have to go through, as they’re being slaughtered.

Nevertheless, in addition to meat, I want him to eat more veges as well, just so he can be more healthy. Though, as evil as he is,  he makes fun of me and sends me text message jokes, such as the following:

“If vegetarians eat vegetables, what do humanitarians eat?”

“How many vegetables had to die for your stupid salad?”

“Q: What do you call a vegetarian who goes back to eating meat?

A: Someone who lost their vege-nity.”

:: rolls eyes ::

So, here is a list of dishes we hope to make next year, in hopes of improving our diets a little:

  • Sushi
  • Vege haleem
  • Vege fried rice
  • Fish curry
  • Shrimp curry
  • Lentils, i.e.: black-eyed peas, red kidney beans, etc.

One response to “A Man That Cooks Is A Keeper

  1. Awesome…I need to go back to being veggie too..kinda hard with the boyfriend cooking non-veggie dishes most of the time as well lol. I’m also a man-who-can cook-loving girl.

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