There are muffled sounds around me
I hear the captivating melody of attanr
Somewhere there is a wedding
I hear the soft tinkle of a child’s laughter
Somewhere there are children playing
I hear the merriment of a celebration
Somewhere there is a birth of a child
I hear the sobs of women weeping
Somewhere there is a funeral
I hear the reverberation of a massive explosion
And suddenly my world of the beloved descends into a soundless oblivion
I hear nothing
Complete and utter silence
I want to open my eyes but I cannot
I feel like I am in a dream
The silence is deafening
I envision the men dancing to attanr
But there is no music
I envision the children playing in the playground
But there is no laughter
I envision the celebration of the birth of a child
But there is no noise
I envision the women weeping,
Tears streaming down their faces,
But their frenzied cries are silenced
I envision the car explode,
Metal scraps flying everywhere,
And the innocent civilians falling to the ground
But, alas, I hear nothing
For my world has become remote and soundless
How can I see all this when my eyes are closed?
How can I not hear anymore when I am not deaf?
Even these slight muffled sounds have disappeared
Replaced by a cold, hard silence
A silence that my beloved Pukhtuns have suffered in far too long!
I feel completely asphyxiated
And my very essence has become reticent
I want to hear but I am repressed
I know that once I am able to hear again, my spirit will be liberated
And my beloved Pukhtuns will finally be freed from the filthy clutches of cruelty and injustice
Their silenced sounds of desperation incessantly fall upon deaf ears as the whole world sleeps
But this will be no more!
They will forever be rid of the suffering and turmoil
For indeed suffering is a contravention
But silence is a felony
A crime
A sin…
I wish I had the vigour to shatter this silence into a million pieces
So that each piece is redeemed for every life that has been stolen
And every voice that has been silenced
I will be able to hear the sounds of euphoria again
But I will never again hear the sound of suffering and death
For they will be forever incarcerated
I will once again hear the exuberant celebration of a wedding
I will once hear the beautiful tinkling of childrens’ laughter
I will once again hear the vivacious celebration united with the birth of a child
I will once again hear the rapturous music of attanr
I will once again join in the dance and lose myself in the euphoric trance

Forever. . .

© December 2009

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