Is The 2012 Phenomenon True After All?

As the world anxiously scampers to provide aid to the recent devastating earthquake in Haiti, which killed well over 500,000 innocent civilians and left millions homeless, orphaned, and destitute, I now wonder whether the Mayans were right after all, and 2012 is indeed a reality towards Armageddon.

Over the past decade, we  have witnessed numerous catastrophic hurricanes/tornadoes, tsunamis, as well as drastic changes in weather patterns that now it seems almost impossible to ever recover from the damage. 

As a matter of fact, it is now come to a point where the saying, “it’s too late”, applies significantly to our brutally tortured planet. I know this is very pessimistic-thinking; however, I am left with no choice but to think this way, considering the tumultuous state we’re in and the recent natural catastrophes we’ve faced. 

The earth may have been born four billion years ago, and that is indeed one heck of a lifespan, but perhaps we over-estimated the notion that the earth will live “forever”. Our planet has become so overly-crowded, polluted, and precarious, that it has no choice but to self-destruct.  And we, humans, have actually made it easier for earth to achieve this goal towards extinction.

I watched a documentary not too long ago called, “Last days on Earth”, where brilliant scientists around the world were interviewed about the seven possible ways the world will come to an end, starting from least possible to most possible. Among the seven, global warming took the #1 spot. And sadly, that is not a surprise at all. It’s human nature to destroy ourselves. We are our own worst enemies; and that is becoming more and more blatant as time goes by.

However, despite the moral obstruction of global warming, there are those “skeptics” that deny it all together. These include contrarian scientists, free-market think tanks, and industry supporters, which consist of the six largest state-owned oil industries in the world. As a matter of fact, global warming skepticism is extremely prevalent in North America and Europe. Apparently, such people either ignore or fail to comprehend the seriousness of global warming. They doubt global warming so much that they feel that it’s not important enough to give it much thought.  But then, what could be more important than the planet you live on? Many argue that global warming is “over-exaggerated”, and that the state of the environment is not as bad as we all think it is. While others attack scientists, saying that they are providing falsified research data to support their own “theories” and beliefs about the reality of global warming.

Nevertheless, these arguments are nothing but wishful thinking. Some people would much prefer to live in their little bubbles, rather than burdening themselves with the responsibility of the harsh and bitter truth. Global warming is a FACT, whether people want to believe in it or not. And this fact is obvious enough that we are witnessing it right before our very eyes.

As a further matter of fact, there is empirical evidence that we, humans, are the key link to global warming.  Surprised much? The truth is all around us; we live our lives each day without even realizing, for a moment, the damage we are doing to ourselves, and especially to the environment. This is evident when we burn fossil fuels; when we turn on our lights at home; when we drive our cars to work; when we operate factories; and the list goes on.

And because of our careless ways, over the past three decades, we have seen a significant increase in plagues and diseases (such as Swine Flu, Avian flu, West Nile Virus, etc.); warmer waters and violent, catastrophic hurricanes (i.e.: Hurricane Katrina); increased intensity of droughts, floods, and heat waves; and polar ice caps melting. Of course, these are only some of the superficial, obvious problems we are seeing, as it is visible to the naked eye. I am sure there are other issues, which are not visible to the naked eye, but are also causing severe internal damages to our environment.

Indeed there are signs everywhere that we are gradually moving towards the demise of our planet. However, there are still those who believe that global warming has its rare “advantage”. Advantage in the sense that winters in North America and Europe, particularly, are starting to become milder, thus making the next ice age virtually impossible. While it’s true that milder winters are much more pleasant than the bitter cold, such people fail to comprehend that while snow is lacking in places where it’s usually prevalent during harsh winters; that snow is now appearing in places/regions where it never existed before. These places include parts of the world that hardly ever got snow and were once deserts.  Just a few years ago, it snowed in the north-eastern part of Saudi Arabia; and this is a country where snowfall is extremely rare! And more recently, last month, hundreds of people in northern India died from the severe cold wave and icy winds passing through the snow-capped mountains. And the reason for the death toll is simply because no one ever expected such extreme weather to ever hit home; therefore they were not prepared at all; they lacked the tools/garments needed to protect them from the severe cold.

So, were the Mayans right after all? Is the world really going to end on December 23rd, 2012? As much as I don’t believe in this phenomenon, I still can’t shrug off the feeling that the end is right around the corner.

It’s only a matter of time till we face the impetus of our potential downfall.

* Copyrighted January, 2010


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