Eternal Love

You came crashing into my life like a tempest
And deconstructed my world of ruins
Shattering my miseries,
Erasing my anguish,
Obliterating my desolation,
And breathing life into my soul
My once dark world is now filled with your luminosity
I have now become a bright reflection of you
United as one
Your adoration overwhelms me,
Uninhibiting taboo sentiments
As you intoxicate my body with your primal passion
And leave me breathless…
Your ardour unleashes a labyrinth of desires within me
Resonating like tidal waves crashing upon a shore
Your name resounds on my lips
Our fingers intertwine
We are in a perfect scenic painting;
Full of bright colours and vitality
The colours revolve around us;
Creating a rainbow
Indeed our love is like art — pure and serene
Emanctipating and unconditional
You whisper sweet words of devotion
It sounds like music to my ears
Like a sweet love song
Why do I feel like I’ve met you before?
In another lifetime
Could it be déjà vu?
Surely we’ve loved each other in many worlds before
Without you, I would have ceased to exist in this lifetime
I exist only because our love is eternal
Like grains of sand flowing through the incessant hourglass
I fall in love with you over and over and over again
I am not afraid to die
For I know what it feels like to be dead,
Oh my dearly beloved!
See how your adulation has rejuvenated me!
Because of you, I am reborn
You are the god of my being
Saviour of my demise
I worship you with every essence of my existence
With every stamina of my breath
Always and forever. . .

© February 2010

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