The Cat That Got Stuck

I really was not planning on writing about this incident, until my husband, Abaseen, convinced me that I need to include some “lighter” stuff in my blog, along with the serious issues I typically write about. And I guess he has a point; this story is just far too bizarre to not talk about!

So, anyway, I visited my in-laws this past weekend. And I have to say that despite the drastic change in weather from 18 degrees Celsius on Friday to a mere two degrees Celsius on Saturday, we spent quite a bit of time outside; though mostly house-hunting (which was super fun ‘cause I saw some of the most beautiful houses I’d ever laid eyes on! Some of them looked like those Beverly Hills mansions. Who knew the Canada even had such houses? Gosh).

Sunday, however, was a much lazier day. I fell asleep on the futon when suddenly, in my semi-deep sleep, I heard Abaseen tell my sis-in-law that there was a cat stuck in my car, and he needed her help as he didn’t want to disturb me from my “sleep.” At first I thought that perhaps I misunderstood what he said, since I was still half asleep. But my curiosity took the best of me and I dragged myself off of the futon, to see whether what I had heard was indeed what I had actually heard. To my surprise I saw Abaseen, a neighbour from across the street, and my sis-in-law all huddled around my car, with the front hood up and the sounds of “meow” coming out from somewhere underneath the engine. The first thing that went through my mind was, “How the heck did that cat get INSIDE my car, and how long has it been in there? OMG, was it in there the whole time I was driving it? It’s a miracle that that cat’s even alive!”

Before I go any further with this story, I should let my reader know that I am not a big fan of cats; not at all actually. I am more of a dog person. However, this is not to imply that I hate cats, or that I wish they would all die! (As my darling Abaseen so wonderfully assumes; apparently he doesn’t know me as well as he thought he did! :@). I love ALL animals, regardless. However, that doesn’t mean that I would like to have them all as pets. I mean I like spiders (yes, yes, spiders aren’t exactly animals, but still), and wish people would stop killing them. But that doesn’t mean that I’d go out of my way to keep one as a pet! Though Abaseen plans, no wait, WANTS to get a tarantula as a pet and I told him that he’d best keep that thing out of my sight; better yet, he should create his own little Jurassic park in the basement (most preferably the basement’s basement) with his snakes, lizards and tarantulas; and I’ll make sure I NEVER set foot down there! *shudders*

Okay, so back to the original story. It appeared like that poor had cat slipped in through underneath the opening of my car, and somehow made her way inside the engine. Since my car is an older Toyota model (2002), the cars back then were built with bigger gaps underneath, which made it easy for little animals to get through and make their way inside the car. Abaseen told me that the same thing had happened to his brother’s car, except in his case the cat was preggers and not only did she live inside the car, but she had also given birth to kittens! This kind of reminds me of those cartoons where you see these alley cats living in old beat-up cars.

Anyway, as I kept watching in awe, wondering how in hell that cat was ever going to come out, luckily the neighbour managed to grab her head and slowly and gradually pull her out. The poor thing looked like she had taken a shower in grease and kept wobbling as she tried to walk; I guess being cooped up in such a tight little space for such a long time caused her to lose her bearings. But other than that, she was just fine. Thank goodness! We’re still wondering whose cat she was and why she was left out in the cold like that. I can’t even imagine what would have happened had I not realized that she was inside my car; I am sure if I’d started the car, the poor thing would have surely burned to death. Just the thought of that makes me sick to my stomach. So many pets die this way, when they’re neglected by their owners. It’s like, why have a pet if you can’t take care of it? Surely I’d NEVER leave my sweet little Pinky baby out in the cold. (Mind you Pinky is a fish, but he’s more like my water puppy ‘cause he literally follows me each time I pass his tank, and perhaps even barks at me; though all I see is a trail of bubbles leave his mouth, aww.)

So, although the story ended happily where the cat survived and managed to scamper away to hide underneath someone else’s car as soon as we set her free, there was yet another problem that I had to deal with afterwards: the never-ending pile of shit that she’d left underneath my car.



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