Requiem Of Annihilation

The world descends into chaos
Lives dissipate, shadows burn
Passions of odium run untamed
Becoming numb with avarice
Drunk with rapacious desires
Thirsting for lust
And coveting for power

The zephyr of death lingers
Teasing and tormenting the ill-fated
While surmising the devout
Through meaningless promises of the hereafter
Only to fade into a crescendo of nothingness

See how naïve and feeble they are
To believe that the spirit is immortal
Their zenith of ecstasy
Enforced through self-annihilation
Feeds the bruising darkness of ignorance
As it induces dreamy minds
Permitting them to mélange fantasy with reality
All but to disappear into a sea of phantasm

Delusional is what they are!
Their mettle is nothing but a fallacy
Life after death is what they seek
But it is death after life that they will recieve

Oh! How can I make them understand
Without being accused of heresy?
Ah, but it is better to be labelled a heretic
Gratis from the shackles of pandemonium
Than be haunted as a fanatical destroyer of humanity

© March 2010


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