For Those Who Don’t Know

DISCLAIMER: I am writing this article in reference to individuals, whose names will not be mentioned, and with whom I have a bone to pick with. I don’t expect my reader to agree or disagree with me, for these are my own personal opinions and interactions about what I have read, heard, and observed thus far. I do not like to judge people and I expect the same in return. But if someone takes things a little too far, then I feel it is my obligation to set things straight, for these individuals have no right to judge or label me (or others like me), just because they have trouble comprehending my credibility on litigious topics. And I apologize if I offend anyone in advance. Thank you for understanding.

It has come to my realization that there are two types of people: the humble and placate intellectuals and the seemingly “ghairathee” or overly proud and inept ignoramuses. Sadly, I know only a handful of the former and a plethora of the latter. These individuals are the reason why my people (Pukhtuns) are fettered within the shackles of illiteracy and repression. These are individuals who go around promoting and claiming themselves as being “religious” and “moral,” when in veracity they prove to be quite the contrary. There is absolutely nothing moral about them; not in their speech and neither in their actions. They are nothing but a bunch of loquacious hypocrites who live off judging and hating on those who do not agree with their views and/or beliefs, with ineffectual labels such as “heretic” and “atheist.” (As if branding someone with such labels will automatically prove that they are “right” while the one they are accusing is wrong.)

It is very easy to label, especially when common norms and beliefs are challenged. But why is it so hard for them to provide a decent, intelligent rebuttal without having to resort to such vulgar name-calling, swearing, and labeling? Calling someone “ugly” or “stupid” does not make their reasoning any stronger or their argument any rational/logical. Rather than resorting to such immaturity, perhaps they should seek more knowledge on the topic that is being debated and come up with an intelligent and civilized rebuttal in a serene manner. However, I know for a fact that such individuals lack the capacity to do that, because they dwell on the principle that if you criticize their beliefs then it is their obligation to pick on your looks, your family, or your life by using despicable and demeaning language. The irony is that they are the ones who always claim that they feel “insulted” and yet they fail to provide reasons as to how exactly that particular “insult” was imposed on them in the first place. They further go off on a tangent, completely digressing from the topic being debated, by insulting and degrading others without a care in the world. And then they go around calling themselves “peaceful,” when they are anything but.

Furthermore, these are individuals whose minds are only limited to what has been spoon-fed to them their whole lives, without even trying to understand what it is that they are actually acquiescing to. They claim to have studied worldly matters such as history and religion, when in actuality they have only studied that which they have been told to study, and thus have an extremely skewed knowledge base. This limited knowledge is obvious in the way they talk, write, and most importantly of all, address other individuals in debates, which (as I said earlier) often tend to be exceedingly vulgar and uncivilized.  

It is very unfortunate that I had to come across such reprobate individuals, but I do not regret it one single bit, for these “types” of individuals makes me realize the filth that exists in the world. Sometimes when you meet such individuals, you start to understand exactly why the world is the way it is. Thus, I strongly believe that no matter whom you meet, good or bad, there will always be something that you will learn from them. And by learn, I don’t mean in the theoretical sense (not at all!), but definitely in the psychosomatic sense.

Anyway, I would appreciate it that these individuals refrain from labeling and superfluous name-calling, for it does nothing for them in terms of credibility, and instead makes them appear uncouth and tactless. And if these individuals have such an issue with my high-level deliberations and opinions, then perhaps it is better that they stop, obsessively, visiting my blog and reading my articles as it will only trigger gratuitous emotions; and it will only make me think that all this individual is really desperate for is some wanton attention.


4 responses to “For Those Who Don’t Know

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  2. Oh we’ve all had our fair share of them! The arrogance I’ve seen in the tone of so many “intellectuals” has put me off the word altogether! Just ignore them maray, totally not worth your time or efforts.

    • Maray, dah khar bachey kho intellectual bekhee nah wo! LOL. Even calling him remotely intelligent is such a HUGE insult! He was just a moron who raided my wall with despicable comments, and it got SO bad that he ended up insulting a couple of my very dear friends. It was the last straw when he swore at my hubby for simply stating his opinion (which he obviously didn’t agree with, ’cause he had a brain the size of an amoeba). Like WTF! It was SO immature and pathetic. I felt like throwing my shoe at him for being such an imbecile. Never in my life have I ever met any “Pakhtun” this damn despicable. In fact, he pissed me off so much that I just HAD to write this blog post! It was a good release! Funny thing is, after this post, I noticed he deactivated his account (or perhaps blocked me), stopped stalking my blog, and literally dropped off of the face of the earth. But whatevs! You’re right, people like that are not my worth my time AT ALL. I am usually really good at ignoring people and pretending like they don’t exist. And I’ve done it lots of times in the past, so this idiot was no exception. Meh!

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