“Wow, You Have Amazing Skin!”

For the longest time I have struggled with acne. It started when I was 13. And people often told me that once I hit my mid-20’s my pimples would all go away, or that I would eventually “out-grow them.”

They lied.

It did not go away. However, it’s not as bad as it used to be either; though I still break out from time to time. And these are not your usual breakouts. When I talk about breakouts, I mean volcanic eruptions; and yes, as uber gross as this may sound, these “eruptions” I am referring to are whiteheads that, when popped, release puss and blood. Ew!

Anyway, I have tried every single product in the market to get rid of my mild acne. I’ve always dreamed of having very clear skin; skin that was as smooth as a baby’s bottom and didn’t have tiny bumps or scars. However, whatever product I used in the past, for some reason I NEVER managed to acquire the skin I’d always longed for. I tried Proactiv Solution and that was a major bust. It ended up irritating my skin and made the inflammation of my zits worse. Then I heard about Clinque’s 3-step skincare treatment, and I tried that for the first couple of months, and at first it seemed to work, but because the toner was so harsh, it felt like my skin was burning each time I used it. And also because I am fair-skinned, I’d get these huge red blotches on my skin; it almost looked like I’d gotten sunburned or something. The toner also made me break out more, so that was yet another failed product.

It wasn’t until a month ago that I discovered Vichy Normaderm for acne prone/oily skin. And all I have is say is: WOW.

This product is so great, so amazing, so wonderful, and so incredible that it literally brings tears of joy to my eyes! Finding this product is almost like finding the love of my life, all over again! Never in my life have I ever used a product this mind-blowing! It has only been three weeks and my skin is flawless! My light scarring is gone; my blemishes are gone; my pores have tightened; and best of all, my mild acne is gone! ALL gone!

Oh, and just so my reader knows, I am in no way trying to advocate Vichy and their products, nor am I getting paid to write this review. It takes a lot for me to write about a product I love so much, and so far Vichy’s skin care system has won me a thousand times over. I am basically writing this blog post for those who have struggled with acne and are desperate for a solution. I know it depends on skin types, and certain products don’t work well with certain skins; but take it from me when I tell you that Vichy Normaderm WORKS. Oh and how beautifully it works too! The toner smells nice and does not burn your skin, like most other toners usually do. The ingredients used in Vichy products are water-based minerals, so it’s all ORGANIC!

The best part is that you don’t have to buy this product from an infomercial on TV, but rather you can buy this product from any drugstore in your area; here in Canada, you can easily find it at any Shoppers’ Drug Mart. Also, the price is pretty reasonable too. Like Proactive Solution, Vichy Normaderm also has a three-step system, but if you have very mild acne (like I do), then you can even make do with just the toner, and a very good face scrub. I usually use St. Ives apricot face scrub; another product that does wonders for your skin!

So, today, for the very first time – after such a long time – I had someone comment on my skin with these words as I walked past her:

“Wow, you have amazing skin!”

Science bless the doctors who created this masterpiece of a product!

If you want to know more information, you can visit the following website: http://www.vichy.ca/dev/CA-EN/flash/index.php?fpage=1&lng=EN


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