The Erudite Intellectual

The venom of knowledge seeps through my veins
Triumphing the rational over my primal side
It liberates me from the shackles of ignorance,
And enlightens my mind with wonders of the arts and sciences
Teaching me the innateness of morality,
While rejecting the pretense of right and wrong

The venom of rebellion unleashes my forte
It unveils a hidden world;
A world flooded with man-made credos
That deliberately blinds me from the truth,
And suppresses my desires to actualize my potential
I am now granted the ability to see that which was concealed,
In a world where superficiality and materialism prevails

The venom of logic enriches my mind,
Injecting it with cerebral emotions
It continuously feeds my infinite hunger
As I refuse to follow norms that lack sagacity
I do not demand to be followed for my credence
For I am a leader of my own psyche;
The sole determinant of my existence

The venom of freedom flows through my spirit
Emancipating my being from all that is lethal
Exalted upon me is the freedom of abundance
The abundant pleasures of the known and the unknown
Never will my wits be handcuffed to tyranny
For knowledge is a freedom that is illimitable

The venom of humility emanates through my embodiment
Wiping away all signs of arrogance
I do not need to flaunt my wisdom
For my aura will influence only those who seek;
Those who call me an erudite intellectual
But little do they know;
I am only a realist.

© June 2010


4 responses to “The Erudite Intellectual

  1. This is beautiful. Especially love the first para, it brought out exactly what I feel about erudition. Thank you for sharing!

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