Reminiscing My Incarceration

The wrath of war has clouded my mind
Snatching me of my innocence
And robbing me of my childhood
I don’t remember who I am anymore
My reality has become an ailing blur
Among the oppressed and the oppressors
Torn and crippled in a world that denies my existence
Grimy dark walls surround me,
As I lay upon the wet soil
And breathe in whatever source of life that remains
How many before me,
Have vanquished in this incarceration?
Desperate scratch marks and blood stains
Continue to remind me,
That fleeing is not an option
Alas, loneliness has become my only salvation
The burning ashes of my ancestors fill my nostrils
While the smell of death follows me everywhere
Will I live long enough to see the dawn of night?
I am told to forget everything I used to know
But am taught everything that I don’t want to know
I have been imprisoned by my own psyche
And become a prisoner of my own demise
The fruit of life has turned bitter
It is filled with licentious deceits
And incessant suffering
I taste the blood on my orifice
For the bruises of yesterday
Lingers on my undulating flesh
I cannot feel pain anymore
For I have become numb with woe
The burning need for survival diminishes
With each unfathomable torment
Oh! How I long for someone to salvage my tortured spirit!
And sweep me away…far, far away from this cruelty
I long to be a child again,
Innocent and carefree
For I have forgotten what it’s like to be one
I feel sharp nails dig deep into my soft flesh
Causing cavernous scars that cleave my core
My foes are training my tortured body
For that which my young mind cannot comprehend
All I know that this much is true:
Breaking free from this brutal spell is futile
But I will escape
For I have almost reached the portal of my destruction
I can almost taste the venom of freedom
Indeed it tastes bittersweet
I anxiously wait,
To go back to a world I once knew,
Back to my ethereal past.

© July 2010

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