A Thing Of Beauty

She was once a thing of beauty
A beauty so rare
That her memory is imprinted,
On the hearts of those who worshipped her

Divinity shone through her emerald eyes
As the hue of blood kissed her heart-shaped lips
Her ivory skin glowed, much like a porcelain doll’s
And her hair, like floss of gold,
Splashed down her hind like silken ropes
Her exquisite face, much like an obscured game of mirrors,
Wandered endlessly on scorching sands
And her soft eyes, swathed within the folds of many smiles,
Never revealed any dispiriting signs

She was once a thing of beauty
A beauty so divine
That her name is engraved,
On orchards that have turned to stone

Radiance emanated from every portal of her core
Causing ordinary folks to stop and stare
Even Mother Nature beamed with pride,
At this most celestial masterpiece
Indeed she was quite the charmer
An enchantress –
Whose sweet, melodious voice,
Like music on crystal waters,
Had the power to cure the wickedest of hearts

She was once a thing of beauty
A beauty so eternal
That a sculpture was created,
To revive her honour

Candor surged through her alluring presence
Intoxicating everything that crossed her path
The soft sway of her delicate hips
Even made the dazzling lights dance
Between the twilight and the dark
And Men, who desired to be her slaves,
Found no sleep or peace or rest,
For thoughts of her, tormented their spirits
Yet, her aura inspired them to idolize her splendour
Through reminiscent dreams and burning skies

Indeed, she was once a thing of beauty
A beauty so sublime
That it has eternally numbed those who treasured her,
And mystified those who yearned to know her.

© July 2010

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