Heela Foundation: Urgent Need For Donations!

I write this letter today to kindly request your aid, in the form of monetary donations, to help provide food, shelter, and support for the millions of lives that have been horribly affected by the recent flood in Pakistan.

Heela Foundation, along with the Canadian Red Cross, will be utilizing your contributions to not only support the ongoing education of the six children that we are currently sponsoring – four in Pakhtunkhwa and two in Afghanistan – but we will also – in light of the recent devastating flood that has washed away many prominent parts of Pakistan, as well as Afghanistan – help the victims of this tragic disaster. Thousands of precious lives have been lost, while millions have lost loved ones, and have been rendered homeless and destitute. And so, for us, to sit here in the comfort of our homes in the West, and do absolutely nothing is very unethical.

Although Heela Foundation was initially formed to focus on children, particularly orphans in Pakhtunkhwa and Afghanistan, we have now decided to take it upon ourselves to expand our aim beyond that; for we strongly believe that the sky should be the limit when it comes to humanitarian aid.

Thus, in order for us to carry forward our ambitious projects, we kindly request you to help us financially. Any amount you would be willing to contribute is welcome, and we will be very highly obliged to you for your support!

One of the safest ways to donate is through e-mail money transferring using PayPal (if you do not have an account, you can always sign up by visiting the following link: www.paypal.com). Once you have signed up, you can very safely and securely transfer your funds to the following e-mail address: heelafoundation@gmail.com

However, if you do not feel comfortable sending money through PayPal, you can e-mail us and provide us with an alternative method. We will respond to your e-mail as quickly as possible to ensure efficiency.

We look forward to hearing from you all soon, for it is only your donations that will enable us to keep the “heela” (hope) of a better and more peaceful future alive!

Kindest regards,

Heela Foundation


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