Zarsanga – The Queen of Pashtun Folklore

As much as I LOVE Pashto songs I never came across a female Pashtun singer that impressed me to the core of my being, until I discovered Zarsanga. It pains me that I didn’t discover this gem of a woman earlier, for each time I listen to her music, and especially her hauntingly melodious voice, I am reminded of the lush gardens, the flowing rivers, and the beautiful mountains of Pakhtunkhwa.

Although there are many other female musicians such as Nazia Iqbal, Naghma, Shabnam, Ghazala Javed, etc. who are also great in their own ways; none of them, however, have blown me away with their vocals and music.

Zarsanga, a frail, simple-looking, and not very educated Pashtana, hails from a gypsy nomadic family of Tank, Zalubai; she has been singing since she was a teenager. The thing that I love about her the most is her sheer simplicity. She often sings wearing traditional kochai (Afghan) style dresses, with a dupatta (head-cover) softly draped over her head.

More information about her can be read on Wikipedia here:


The following is my MOST favourite song of hers. I can listen to this song over and over and over again and never get tired of it! The lyrics are so beautiful, so touching, so inspirational, and so incredibly powerful that it brings tears to my eyes. And it’s so relevant to the recent flood that has befallen my Pashtuns in the past few weeks. May we all join hands to help support them in this difficult time, for it is only through our selfless contributions that we will be able to salvage their tortured spirits.

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