My Artist’s Statement

*Thought I’d just share this here as I know a lot of people who have been inquiring about my work. I am thinking of creating a separate link/blog on here, where I will solely dedicate it to my artwork. I know it can get a little confusing mixing my writings, poetry, and art stuff all in one single blog. *

I am an ethnic Pashtun residing in Canada. I consider myself to be an artist of sorts. My love for art started at the tender age of six – a natural talent that emanated without ever having taken any formal art classes. Growing up, I was often dubbed as the “little artist” by my peers. Of course, back then drawing and painting was merely a hobby. However, art, for me now, is a part-time profession where I hope to raise more awareness about Pashtuns/Afghans through my sketches and paintings.

My passion for art is expressed both in creative writing (poetry), and through visual images. My favourite medium is drawing portraits using charcoal pencils. This is because I feel that the dark “black and white” of my portraits gives the drawing a more enigmatic look, hence creating a deeper emotional impact on my viewers. I also enjoy using acrylic and water paints for more scenic-based images. Most, if not all, of my art is centered on Pashtuns, especially women and children. I try to capture the essence of their beauty and turmoil using images that depicts their horrid reality.

Despite the serious theme of my artwork, I find it extremely therapeutic.  When I draw/paint, I do not usually focus on creating a specific image. I may have concepts or ideas, but what I am really creating and seeking for is the truth. There are times when I would start drawing or painting one thing, but end up creating something completely different. Thus, I strongly believe that art, for me, is a reflection of what I learn, believe, see, feel, and experience in life.

I’d like to sum up my love for art in the following quote:

“Creating art is like being in love. You and the work become one. You cannot pretend, nor fake it. There are no rules or formula to follow. You can’t plan it, nor can you control it. And you don’t formulate it in your head and make it so. It just simply is.”

For more information about my artwork, please contact me at

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