The Great Deception

Humans are animals. And animals are primitive, sexual beings. Hence, it’s no surprise that humans, by nature, are lustful and selfish. No matter how much religion/discipline they have in their lives, they cannot escape nor deny the fact that they are vulnerable and weak beings, who will eventually succumb to temptation, especially if they know they can get away with it. It’s like Fyodor Dostoevsky says in “The Grand Inquisitor” – when Jesus was alive, his vision to free mankind failed, whereas the Devil – Satan –  knew EXACTLY what humans wanted, and therefore succeeded. It is wrong to believe that humans seek freedom, for they do not want to be free at all, simply because they are too “lazy.” They would PREFER to be lead; and that too by temptations. Thus, humans, by nature, are followers, whether of Satan or of God; freedom is a Utopian vision – a delusion – that does not exist. And because humans are followers, this in turn makes them feeble and vulnerable to their lustful whims and desires.

One response to “The Great Deception

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