The Great Deception Explained

It appears that my little blurb called The Great Deception has elicited quite an intellectually-stimulating discussion among myself, my husband, and some very intelligent peers. So, here, I’d like to take the opportunity to just elaborate on some of the points that I’ve shared in my little write-up, and perhaps even share some of the stuff I’ve discussed with my peers so far.

To start off, while I agree that lust and selfishness are more so intrinsic in nature, I don’t believe that evil does not exist. Because the fact of the matter is that it exists – very much so – for man is never born free. (Contrary to what Rousseau had said in his famous quote, “Man is born free, but everywhere he is in chains.”)

Hence, humans are not free because we are bound by the evilness that dwells inside of us, innately. Further, besides the innate and internal factors that have restrained us, we are bound  by external factors as well. And these are man-made rules and credos – rules that we NEED in order to maintain order in our lives; rules that allow humans the ability to distinguish the poor from the rich; rules that grants the few elites the power and privilege to rule over the masses; rules that give humans the false notion that they are “free” but in actuality are not; and rules that condition humans to act and behave in certain ways, allowing others to maintain control over their behaviours. However, despite my believing that evil exists, another question arises: What is evil exactly? Is it to disobey God’s/man-made credos? And what about the notion of evil? Is it necessarily the absence of faith? Or is faith the absence of evil?

There is no denying that we, human beings, have come a long way in this struggle for survival and endurance. Indeed there are and have been some great minds that have achieved a lot, in terms of bringing about awareness and re-structuring of the world, through newfound discoveries. However, in my little blurb, when I talked about temptation, I meant the three main temptations that were proposed by Satan to Jesus. They are: 1) Turning stones to bread; 2) Pinnacle of the Temple; and 3) Mountain.

Basically, by mentioning these temptations, Satan was implying that Jesus was very wrong to assume that all humans ever wanted was to be free; rather what they REALLY wanted was to be fed (hence turning stones to bread). For we, humans, are gluttonous and food is much more appealing and *tempting* to us than freedom itself. The second temptation implies the need for power over the kingdoms of the world; this confirms that humans desire power more so than freedom, which is, without a doubt, the blatant truth. And it is pretty apparent, when we look at the world today. Everyone is competing with each other in order to attain power and prestige; there is no limit as to how far one could go to achieve this. The central factor is that they would go through any means to do it, even if it means to take another human being’s life. Finally, in the third temptation, Satan suggested to Jesus that he should jump from a high mountain and rely on his spirits to salvage him. Yet, despite the literal connotations, this particular temptation serves a much deeper meaning. For what Satan was implying was that humans would much rather jump from the mountain and have someone, or something, save them from their demise, instead of doing something about it *themselves.* Hence, this is why he said that humans are “lazy” and incompetent. We are like herds of sheep that want to be led by a Shepherd. And even if we believed that we have the ability to *think* for ourselves, it’s a blatant lie for we are only fooling ourselves. We lack the freedom to  think for ourselves, simply because we are incompetent souls, solely driven by Satan’s alluring temptations.

Anyway, The Great Deception is actually meant to bring our attention to religious lies. The fact that there are those who follow Satan’s way (his temptations) by deceiving God into believing that they are actually following His way. Satan knew that there will come a time when people will be driven by their personal desires and start re-evaluating seemingly Holy Scriptures to suit their own whims and desires. Hence, this destruction that has been brought about, through the deliberate usage of religious lies, is evidently all around us. Religious apologists, moderate religious folks, and false doctrines are mushrooming so much over time that it has now brought about tremendous confusion and uncertainty among deluded lay folks. People do not know what to believe anymore. One supposed scholar teaches this, the other teaches that (and it doesn’t matter from which religion/religious background). So, how can one really KNOW what to believe?

Perhaps Satan was right after all. Jesus was deluded to believe that all that humans ever wanted was freedom. The world is full of peccadilloes of the worst kind: rape, lust, power hungry, sodomy, greed – you name it. And then one wonders, if God himself could so easily be deceived by Satan, then what is to become of us ordinary humans?

Post-script: the mention of God and Satan, in this piece, is not to be assumed in the literal sense, but rather in the chimerical sense.

6 responses to “The Great Deception Explained

  1. Quotes: “And then one wonders, if God himself could so easily be deceived by Satan, then what is to become of us ordinary humans?” …

    Satan didn’t decieve God, he decieved Adam & Eve. He did however reject God’s command and many humans are doing the same, the only difference is, that in the mind of the being he thinks he is decieving, but God knows the reality of a beings action, so the deception is upon oneself, if that makes any sense? I dunno if i’ve explained myself properly!

    • No, actually you have explained yourself quite well! And, yes, you’re right to say that Satan deceived Adam and Eve into eating from the forbidden tree. However, when I said that Satan deceived God, I was referring to the way Satan is now working through us (lay humans) to re-evaluate holy scriptures to fit our whims/temptations/desires — things that we know would otherwise be going against the word of God. However, Satan works in such subtle ways, that S/He is allowing humans to make it seem like they are following God’s way, when in reality they are not; rather they are following Satan’s way. You get what I am saying? It’s kind of like a double-edged sword, where one is thinking they are doing God a favour by reforming His holy words, yet, little do they realize that by doing so, they are doing themselves more harm than good, ’cause they are admitting that Satan was right while God was at fault, and hence everything he’d revealed, through his prophets, were flawed.

      Ahhh, one can go so much deeper into this, so I won’t right now, lol. I am not sure if you’ve read my article on “The Reformist Delusion.” That explains my stance a little better. 😉

  2. Dear SeSapZai!
    Here r some of my comments. I’m posting it just for the sake of knowledge…
    Being a medical Professional, I know the functions of Human body in relation to its Anatomy & Physiology.
    Shortly, U may know, whatever Humans intend, the hormones prepare their body for that. E.g. when we wait for meal, hormonal secretions prepare stomach for meal, similarly there r hormones for every action of human beings. Two biggest temptations are I think the Sex and Feeding issues.
    Now my question is that when our body is made in such a way, what’s the role of Satan to misguide us etc? Isn’t it the environment which provokes the evil natures of the human bodies?

  3. Thinking is a very expensive business; we have evolved to constantly be mindful of our consumption and saving of energy by relaying on each other, which has given us the herd mentality. We cannot simply look at all directions for tiger attacks for example. It’s not just us humans to have evolved this way, most animals that live in big herds are actually relying on this invaluable energy saving strategy, the The ring-tailed lemur or the monkey are a very good example of this.
    However our intelligence naturally develops as we put these strategies into actions and the most clever ones obviously survives and hence furthering these developments, and in doing so they add another dimension to these developments, such as false alarm (lie is born) and the literal vacuum of opportunity created by these false alarm enriches its creator and they further build on that.. a prophet is born, a system develops and we call it a way of living, a civilisation, a religion. And as you have rightly questioned if “faith is the absence of evil” and it is.

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