Till Death Do Us Part

He lies here beside me,
Breathing softly and slowly
And I lie facing him
My hand gently caressing
His lightly unshaven cheek
I can’t help thinking
Just how blessed I am
To have him,
As my lover; as my husband
A man to call my own –
To love him and to be loved in return
Equally, passionately, unconditionally, and everlastingly
His thick, long lashes flutter gently
As his strong arms reach out to me
And encircle my tiny waist
Holding me tightly, yet amorously
Like he never wants to let me go
I feel his heartbeat;
It is perfectly in sync with mine
Thump-thump thump-thump thump-thump
Oh, how beautiful it feels
To be loved and desired like this!
Would it be strange to say
That his mere breath intoxicates me?
Or that his tender touch
Sends lightning jolts through my body,
Leaving me utterly and completely breathless?
He is the only man who has awoken me
Intellectually, emotionally, physically, and spiritually
And he still continues to do so!
He is the only man who has proven to me
What it truly means to love…
I continue to watch him sleep,
Thinking just how peaceful
And angelic he looks
Sweet, beloved angel of mine!
I see a subtle smile appear on his soft lips
Oh, he is awake!
I shut my eyes and pretend to sleep
But he knows…he knows I am awake
He tightens his hold on my body
Bringing me closer and closer to him
— Into his heart, and into his soul  —
Until we are immortalized as one
He is mine, and I am his
Indeed, he is the only man who truly understands
The multifarious deliberations of my mind
Without his love, I would surely crumble
Without his wisdom, I would truly be lost
Without him, I would cease to exist
He is my pillar, my backbone, my essence
The love of my life, always
Till death do us part

© November, 2010


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