Sushi Obsession

My husband and I are obsessed with sushi. And when I say obsessed, I mean really, really, REALLY obsessed! Each time we decide to eat out, we always pick a sushi spot. (And most likely we’d go to the exact same restaurant, which, of course, is a sushi buffet.) Not much of a surprise, I’ll say!

I clearly remember how my obsession with this sinfully delectable dish started in the first place. And it wasn’t long until I inveigled my husband into it too. He resisted in the beginning, but I managed to take care of that easily with just a little bit of pouting and eyelash batting; and with comments like, “Please just try it for my sake, zargiya (sweetheart),” or “When has there been a time I offered you something and you didn’t love it?” And being the adorable thing that he is, I knew he couldn’t say no. And I am glad he didn’t, for he would have totally missed out!

It just boggles me that there was a time when I used to loathe sushi and found it, for lack of a better term, “disgusting.” However, this was more so due to my ignorance, because I was told that sushi was raw seafood, which automatically made it sound very unappetizing. It was basically all in my mind, really; I mean how the heck was I supposed to know that something raw could taste so damn crazy delicious?! Friends would often tell me how much they love it and how good it tastes, despite the raw factor; yet, I, being the obstinate mule that I was, refused to try it.

All that changed when I started working at my new job, a little over two years ago. Almost all of my co-workers ate sushi, except for me, which naturally made me feel a little left out. So one day, they all decided to go for a team lunch to this really cool sushi place and, well, I decided to tag along with them. I don’t know what possessed me to go, but I decided to set aside my fears just this once, and try it. I mean how bad could it be, right? The least I could do was just barf it up on the co-worker who’d initially taken us there. (Yes, I can be that evil. I’m horrible I know!) Anyway, to my utter shock, there was no barfing or wincing or sputtering, for the sushi was INCREDIBLE. The raw salmon tasted SO good! Heck, I couldn’t even tell it was raw! Oh, and I learned to eat it with chopsticks too! (I really don’t understand people who eat sushi with a fork; chopsticks are SO much more fun to eat with!)

Anyway, I have to say that it was one of the best food experiences of my life. (Not to say that my Abaseen is not a great cook, ‘cause he cooks dishes that literally makes my taste buds tingle.) But sushi, oh! How do I even begin to describe it? Heck, there are no words to describe it, ‘cause to me it’s THE most beautiful, most mouth-watering, and most decorative food item ever; it’s literally a magnificient piece of artwork!

Some of my most favourite sushi rolls are the following (I’ve included pictures for your viewing pleasure):

  • Spicy salmon sushi

  • Green dragon roll

  • Salmon sashimi (yes, this is when it gets really raw, but damn it’s GOOD!)

  • Rainbow roll

  • Philadelphia roll

  • Volcano roll

  • Shrimp tempura roll

  • Spicy crab roll

I am sure there are several more, but my mind’s drawing a blank right now. And I am trying really, really hard not to drool on my keyboard. Sushi is trés yummy!

So, come this weekend, Abaseen and I are planning to make sushi ourselves, for the very first time. We both realized that we’ve — well, he mostly — cooked almost every single dish out there, except for sushi. So, tomorrow I am planning to buy all the ingredients, so we can finally try making it at home. I’ve seen enough YouTube videos to get a sense of how it’s made. Though, despite it looking a little complicated, the guys in those videos make it look way too easy! I guess all it needs is some patience and practice.

Anyway, I am really looking forward to our sushi extravaganza this weekend. I just hope it comes out to be somewhat edible! :: fingers crossed ::


4 responses to “Sushi Obsession

    • What?!!! Did I just read that correctly?! :O :O :O

      How could you NOT love sushi?!!! Waiiii, dasay ma weya, maray! You NEED to come to my part of the world! I am not sure what kind of sushi you’ve had (if it’s store bought, then I’d agree with you that it’s not that great), but the ones that are served FRESH at restaurants are KILLER! It’s funny, ’cause when I first met the hubby, he hated sushi too and refused to try it. Actually, he called it the “Da cheenyaano chingee,” LOL, and I’d get sooo angry and offended he’d say something like that without even giving the dish a chance. So, finally he caved and tried it and ended up loving it. I, too, hated it at first, but I think it really depends on WHERE you have it. And, of course, you also need to develop a taste for it. I personally prefer the restaurant ones over the ones they sell at the store (which usually taste bland and are usually served cold, ick!).

      • No, I think it means “I can’t stand sushi” in the way that equals “can’t stand=really addicted”. Hope that helped.

  1. I usually go with my friends to sushi places, but instead order a soup or vegetarian sushi, now after reading your article, can’t wait to give it a try 🙂
    I wish my dislike for it can change into an obsession like your’s.

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