Proud Home Owners

Abaseen and I just became proud home-owners! And we moved into our beautiful new house a couple weeks ago. Seriously, I can’t explain the feeling! I’d always dreamed that someday I’ll have my very own property, and that dream came true a little over a month ago, when our agent handed over the keys to our new place. *squee*

The house is not too massive, but it’s not small either. It’s perfect for us. The driveway is long enough to park seven cars, and there’s a really lovely sunroom to the front entrance. I especially love, love, LOVE our backyard! Oh, how do I even begin to describe it? For me, the MOST important part about ANY house is the backyard. The backyard is the place where you can get really creative — whether it’s gardening, camping, arting (I am certain this is not a real word, but it is now!), reading, or entertaining your guests! We have a really beautiful deck; it’s big enough so that come summer time, we can place a table and a few chairs on it. We’re actually thinking of getting something similar to the following photo. (I’ve always been CRAZY about these canopy-type designs, and I remember that Abaseen and I did see some that were a zillion times better than the one in the picture below. We will definitely be getting one, next year, though.)

Besides our gorgeous place, the neighbourhood we moved into is really nice too; it’s actually one of the city’s prime locations, and most of our neighbours are primarily European that have lived in the area for over five decades.  I grew up in the eastern part of the city, so I know it will be a nice change to live in the west end. The commute to work, however, will be much longer than before. But I am planning to buy a better car soon (as I just recently sold my beloved Corolla that I owned for a year and a half, but I got such a great deal on her that I had to sell her!). I also have the option to work from home whenever I want, especially on days when the weather is like crap, so I am not too concerned about the commute to and from work. If there’s a will, there will always be a way.

But, anyway, because we moved to a much bigger place than the one before, we hardly have any furniture. So, yesterday, hubby and I decided to do a little bit of “window furniture shopping,” thinking that we’d just look around and see what’s out there, and then perhaps buy when the crazy sales start after Christmas was over. Yet, to our surprise, our mere “window-shopping” was anything but that! For we got the most AMAZING deal on this sofa set and a fireplace/stand that we can use to put our 47” TV on. The fireplace piece is really the MOST beautiful and MOST innovative thing I’ve ever seen! I am absolutely crazy about fireplaces! And because it was very unfortunate that our new house has a fireplace in the basement, instead of our living room, it was perfect when we discovered that furniture piece. The fireplace looks so realistic and switches on with just with a flick of a button. The best part is that it’s VERY safe and environmentally friendly; plus it heats up the living room, just like ANY real fireplace.

Here’s a picture (though, the one we bought looks almost exactly like this, and is oh-so-breathtakingly-BEAUTIFUL! :: swoons ::):

Oh, and the sofa set we bought isn’t any less eye-catching! We decided on a dual material sofa set, with half being leather and the other half velvet. The colour was a bit hard to decide on. I’d keep asking Abaseen what colour we should go with, beige or dark brown, and then he’d keep asking me what colour I love best, ‘cause he’d go with whatever I like. So, at the end, we decided to go with our instincts and settled on the beautiful beige. And beautiful it is, indeed! Here’s yet another picture:

Seriously, furniture shopping is SO much fun! Now that we have our very own place, I can go all out with it! Abaseen was sweet enough to put up most of my artwork on the living room wall. I hope to buy a really huge canvas and create a scenic image, perhaps paint water and mountains or something, and place it as a backdrop on the wall behind our fireplace TV. I am sure it will liven up the room even more.

Anyway, we won’t be getting this furniture until Tuesday night, so until then I have to wait, ANXIOUSLY. Ugh. I absolutely HATE playing the waiting game, but then I need to keep reminding myself that patience is a virtue. And being the type of person who lacks every iota of patience that exists in the world, I know I am going to get pretty antsy come tomorrow. :: sighs deeply ::


2 responses to “Proud Home Owners

  1. My Mum loves her garden and grows her plants from teeny weeny seeds, and she squeels at every shoot that appears through the soil! She calls them her babies! Anyway, to the point, if you guys were closer, she would have overloaded you with beautiful plants indoor and out!

    I love the sound of your new place, I hope you guys have a beautiful life together, and going on from a previous comment I just left on another post of yours, I think it’s DEFINITELY the right time for little bubba’s!!!

    • Really?! OMG, my mom’s the exact SAME way! She loooooves gardening and stuff like that too! And she also calls ’em her babies! Hahaha! Too cute!

      Awww, thank you so much for your lovely and thoughtful words! Yeah, now that the weather has gotten MUCH better, we’re planning to fix up our backyard, so we need to start planting flowers, get a lawn-mower, and a BBQ grill! Sooo many things to buy, but SO little time! I know summer has yet to start, but I have a feeling it’ll be over before we know it. 😦 And the winters here are sooooo freakin’ long, maray. This past one was especially BRUTAL! We thought it would never end! It still gets chilly from time to time, considering it’s May, but I’ve heard that this summer will be an unusually hot one, so I’d take 30 C over -30 C ANY day! 😀

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