This Past Weekend

I realize I haven’t been as active on my blog, (and I really hate it when that happens), but that’s because I’ve been crazy busy with my art show that took place just this past weekend. And I have to say that I am SO glad it’s over, despite it being a GREAT success. My artwork appeared in the news, as well. (The link can be accessed here.)

Anyway, as excited as I was about that wonderful event, I couldn’t help being distracted by the way my darling Abaseen interacted with a dear mutual friend’s two-year-old daughter. I have to say that it was the most beautiful thing I’d seen in a very, very long time. And I just HAD to blog on this, ‘cause, well, it deserves to be on here!

I’ve known my beloved Abaseen for a little over two years now, and even though he’s the most brilliant, most sweetest, and most kind-hearted man I know (besides my father), I’d never actually seen him interact with kids, or a kid, for that matter. However, Sunday was the very first time that I saw him interact with a child – a toddler so to speak – and I have to say that my love and admiration for him increased a tenfold. (Not that I loved him any less before this, of course.) But, watching him that day be overprotective of that adorable little girl, follow her around so that she didn’t get into any trouble, and then having her sit on his lap and speak in Pashto was just….incredible. I could tell that he would make an amazing, amazing father.

It’s funny because I used to think that I was very good with kids, but I realized that I am not. Not at all. I am good with animals, yes, but definitely not with kids. You know the saying, “Oh s/he is a natural with children”? Well, I am the opposite of that. Abaseen, on the other hand, is INDEED a natural with kids. He doesn’t even have to try! Gosh! That child freakin’ LOVED him! (But then, who wouldn’t? He’s adorable!) And just when we were all leaving, the little child’s mother asked her who she would miss the most, and she looked straight at Abaseen, pointed at him, and squealed, “Mama (as in uncle)!” Aww, it was the cutest thing ever!

I admit, ever since then, I can’t stop thinking about children. I know we’re both at the perfect age to start our own family.

I guess it’s only a matter of time. 😉

2 responses to “This Past Weekend

  1. Awww bless! I don’t know your circumstances but definitely sounds like the perfect time to have little bubba’s around the place!

    • Hahaha! Yara kho! I think I was going through a phase back then, maray! I can’t think of kids as of yet, even though I love them to bits, especially baby girls. (And if I were to have a kid in the very near future, it MUST be a girl!) But, yeah, I still have too much school to finish, and all. And the kind of person I am, IF I were to have a kid soon, I’d drop everything and dedicate ALL my time to her until she goes to kindergarten, so yeah. Gooru kana che sah ba keegee, ka khairey. I guess when the time is right, it’ll happen. 😉

      What about you, hun? Married? Kids? (Sorry if I sound like I am prying; you’re not obligated to answer any of those questions, if you don’t feel comfortable. And you can always email me on my personal email, if you wish, of course: 🙂

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