* This poem is a tribute to the current situation in North Africa and the Middle East

What an arraignment is the world we entertain
Where, we, meagre humans, dwell upon a soil
That was never what it seemed
The strong desire for freedom
And the yearning to escape
Incessantly fills the hearts of those
Who wish to flee from oppression and hate
Oh, see how these self-glorified leaders,
With their sneering phizogs and selfish vagary,
Have virtually lost touch with modern day realities!
And they are surrounded by an assemblage,
Whose pains and agonies have been muffled
For far too long!
Is this normal? Is this the way?
This insane atrocity of nature,
That urges humankind to lay surrender to her solemnity?
Yet a voice, from the deep fortitude of disposition, bellows:
“No! This is not normal!
For this was never what Mother Nature intended!”
And it is never too late to realize,
That freedom cannot be bought
…It has to be fought!
Fought with a yawning vengeance!
This then is the reason
For a revolution…
A revolution, which will descend, once again,
In the yellowed, worn-out pages of our bloody history
In books, films, and fictions,
That will forcefully entertain inquisitive minds
With never-ending images of carnage and malice
And what does it really matter – this revolution?
Only a few thousand blood spills is all that will be shed
They will be known as martyrs who gave up their lives
For freedom,
For Independence,
And for humanity itself…
Dulce et decorum est pro patria mori!
Yes, indeed, it is sweet and fitting to die for one’s country
Alas! It is a pity that we have to come to such a revolt!
It is no secret that discourses through peaceful instruments
Has time and time again proven to be a deliberate failure
It is in our nature to be violent, lustful, and deceiving
And it makes no difference to us
Just how pitiful our despondent lives have become!
This sordid realization that life is so brutal…
Yet, it is this brutality
That becomes the breeding foundation,
For a much-needed insurrection
We hopelessly need revolutions
In our hearts, in our minds, and in our souls
Inside of us, as Mother Nature will once again,
Give birth to our ever-growing, ever-shining
Gratis and rosy vistas

© February, 2011

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