Once Upon A Time…

This is a story that Abaseen wrote a while back. And it has stuck with me ever since the first time I read it. There is so much depth and passion in this story, that I am sure any true Pakhtun would understand the intention, and perhaps even the moral, behind this story. It just gives me SO much endless joy to see my beloved write such a brilliant story. This is a tale that deserves to be read again and again. I personally plan to frame it and hang it up in our room. Yes, that is exactly how much I love this brilliant piece!

Anyway, without further ado, enjoy!


Once upon a time there was a cat, everyone called her a pussycat, but as time went by, the name pussycat became too long of a name and calling her a cat was just too ordinary by those who knew her, so “Pussy” became her sobriquet.

Let’s continue with the sobriquet, Pussy.

So even though Pussy spoke a simplistic meow meow language, and even though she could never be one of the big cats — the lions — she adored them. The only thing that was on her mind was how to become one of them. Pussy understood very well that in order to infiltrate the pride of lions she will need to speak their language to insure the desired nigh.

Soon Pussy realized that lions spoke a much more complex language and learning was not as simple as she had predicted; bittered by her failure she felt that her meow meow language was too inept, as far she was concerned, even though others felt it was rather a sweet and a cute language.

Her next gimmick for infiltrating the pride was to establish an intimate relationship with one of the lions. Even though the lions spoke a very complex language and were living by a code-of-conduct which for centuries had insured their survival, they were rather very simple and naive when it came to understanding the threat that outsiders posed towards their very existence, or perphase a threat within.

It was matter of a time that one of the young concupiscent lions became a prey to Pussy’s quest. Soon they started seeing each other, far from the eyes of the pride, but word spread out and the young concupiscent lion was now called the Pussy-Lion.

Let’s continue by the sobriquet, Pussy-Lion.

Now the pride was left with no choice but to confront Pussy-Lion. For centuries the lions had followed the code of conduct according to which the counsel had the authority to resolve issues of the pride. The pride asked Pussy-Lion to present himself in front of the counsel.

The Pussy-Lion came along with his beloved Pussy, as he took the stand to explain his choice and actions, the Pussy took refuge in silence knowing fully it was her crucial weapon in her quest of infiltrating the pride.

Pussy-Lion shrewdly gave references to the very code-of-conduct that had insured the survival of the pride, and thus, in no time, he was able to convince the pride that the Pussy had every right to be among them.

Pussy was now the part of the pride, but soon the lions discovered that Pussy spoke a different language than theirs — the meow meow language. However, the Pussy-Lion himself had already learned the meow meow language and was now speaking the language of his beloved Pussy. And now that the pride was unable to converse with Pussy, they decided to ask the Pussy-Lion to teach the language of lions to his beloved Pussy, but Pussy-Lion decided to defend his Pussy’s language by reminding the pride that it was against the hospitality of the code-of-conduct that they follow. He argued that Pussy must be welcomed and lions must learn the meow meow language so Pussy won’t feel left out. Some lions insisted that they were holding the majority and hence they should have the privilege of hearing their language on the tongue of the Pussy, but their cries went to waste as many lions once again became subjugated in the name of their precious code of conduct. Some lions felt that Pussy-Lion had done the damage in some lions by sharing the meal and hence transferring this saliva that he brought from his beloved Pussy into his fellow lions.

The pride decided not to kill the peace of their pride and subjugated themselves to the wishes of Pussy-Lion, and the “Pussy-followers” (a name now given to those lions who were defending the Pussy-Lion and his beloved Pussy).

One by one lions were losing the grip on their own territory to the Pussy-f0llowers as Pussy-followers were introduced to different Pussies(cats) by Mrs. Pussy-Lion. Soon the large number of lions spoke meow meow language, some had completely renounced their thousand years old beloved language for the new language that Mrs. Pussy-Lion had brought to their pride.

Many believe that the downfall of lions came by actions of their own, for sure a slow death awaits their thousand years old beloved language and their code of conduct.

Now the pride of lions was divided into the Real-Lions and the Pussy-Lions.

Real-Lions are those who speak their own language, Pussy-Lions are those who either couldn’t speak their own language or do not really care what language they conversed in while talking to fellow lions. While Real-Lions were seeking unity among the lions so they could win back the honour of the pride, the Pussy-Lions chose to take sides with lame excuses.

Faced with this dilemma, the Real-Lions came across one very old lion who was a traveller and after hearing their problem the traveller-lion said to them that he has been to many places and learned many languages, the story of their pride reminds him of two poems he once read in a language known as Pakhtu.

The first one was..

Cha wayal tash da pohedu nakha dah?
Jaba da olas dah pejandu nakha dah!
Che khpaley jabey tah olas paam na kawe
Nu hum da ey da wrukedu nakha dah
Stori, pa Pakhtu bandey, Pakhtu pakaar dah
Pa jaba nang, da nangyalu nakha dah

And the second one was…

Bal tah bachee loey krey, sah badbakhtah ey Pakhtu
Na mrey! sah balaa ey? balaa sakhtah ey Pakhtu!
Sta mair’anu tah lah yao hum shazalmay raonar’u
Gul na shuwe sah hum, kho gul lakhtah ey Pakhtu

And with that the traveller lion left. No one knows what will be the end of this story, though there are two possibilities for THE END, it can be either the end of lions, or of the war that is waged on their language and their pride. Whatever the end will be, we must remember there are two types of lions out there, the Real Lions and the Pussy Lions.

© July, 2009

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