Messages From Libya

One of my friends just posted this in one of her notes yesterday, and with her permission, I am re-posting this on my blog as it is very, very important that my readers understand how violent and desperate the situation in Libya has become. Qaddafi is a beast. And, in my opinion, should be killed. (Even though I am totally against the killing of human beings; however, he is an exception and therefore NOT human. Not at all. Nothing can surmount the pain, torture, turmoil, and tragedy that he has inflicted upon the people of Libya.  And, for this, he deserves to be buried not six, but six hundred feet under. Fucking asshole.)

Anyway, the following is very heart-breaking and a vivid depiction of the horrid reality that the Libyans are facing right now. And it’s even more powerful that my beloved friend actually KNOWS someone personally that is currently documenting and living through this revolting nightmare.


A friend of mine lives in Libya and has been in the centre of the area where Gaddafi’s regime is brutally cracking down on protesters against the government. There are reports of hundreds, maybe thousands, of casualties. I’m going to post here excerpts from his emails from the last few days:

Please note, his identity is confidential as he is living with his family in a very dangerous situation – in a place where govt hired mercernaries are all over the streets shooting in the head and neck anyone and everyone they see, often randomly.

The people of Libya are being slaughtered. They need your help, and we ALL have a role to play. (more on this later in this note)


Emails from my Libyan friend:


I am sorry for being away from the forums this long, but the internet was deliberately slowed down by the Libyan government, and all the phone lines and SMS services are broken down most of the time; I guess to carry out its crimes towards innocent Libyan protesters. This is extermination and genocide for sure.

They somehow managed to prevent us from logging in to websites such as facebook and twitter. I still could not log in to this forum too.

The situation here is bery bad, people being shot just for standing in the streets. The Qaddafi regiem hired some African mercenaries who are paid to deliberately kill inocent people and rape their women. Ninety percent of victims were shot in the head, neck or chest, with a 14.5 caliber anti-aircraft amo. Their target is obviously to spread fear among the protesters.

The situation is very serious and I really fear for our safety.


It is very very bad, people are dying by the dozens. I have friends split in two by anti-craft artillery. This maniac made Hitler an angel in comparison. I wonder how long it would take before an air strike on the bastard’s headquarters was carried out to silence his dogs. The USA should bomb his not too many airports to slow him down a bit.

I can hear gun shots as I type now. It is pretty close. Gota go!!!!


Only today for some reason I was able to login. Good libyan young hackers managed to unblock Qadaffi’s lot effort to electronicly silence people. BUt I am not sure it will last.

Now you all know why I was being careful and looked as if I was a pro Qaddafi. I am not…


He is a ghoul, a monster. Take Hitler and multiply that by 10.

Still there are hundreds of similar images


These are the Mercenaries that Qaddafi hired for 2000 USD/day to kill Libyan protesters–1v4ys

Here, the Qaddafi thugs now known as the “yellow hats” because they were issued construction workers safety hats to terrorize people:


I will be away for a few days. Cause we ned to move to some other safe place. They are combing the streeets the bastards…

In few words:

If the UN, the UK, or the USA dont act now and I mean now… he will kill us all. This guy’s fuses have blown off. we are doomed. I wish they repeat the 1983 bombing Regan did. Hit his bases, airports, or whatever.

I believe he is a coward but seeing the the world is not acting mad him feel stronger. An american carrier stays near Tripoli might do the trick I believe.


so seems that we are stuck in ____ The maniac is sending text messages to people to go to work and school tomorrow and pretend that there is no problems. He is nuts. Some areas still have bodies on the streets and want people to continue as if nothing happened?


Can’t say much right now… Qaddafi is a clown and a maniac. But he is very scary gangster. Hitler and Mosolini, Saddam, Qaddafi are all the same, maybe he is a bit worse. He spends billions of USD on intelligence including extreme scanning means for emails, internet, phones etc. But now I can speak freely (I think) because he is too busy saving his ass from the angry Libyan people who stood in front of antitank artillery and actually were willing to make them run out of ammunition by sacrificing their lives. You wont believe the images that are on the internet right now.

Say “fuck Allah”, “fuck Mohamed”, no problem. Say “I think Qaddafi is not doing well with the education system in libya and he should reform a bit”, and you will be dissolved in Hydrochloric acid and sent to your family in a bottle… I could criticize anything… as long as I didn’t criticize the clown himself I will be safe. He is a monster, and that was the only reason he lasted 42 years. You say No, and you are dead.

He used to hang his opponents and show them on TV to scare people. During the 80, these kind of shows were a kind of entertainment shows on TV. These luckily stopped at least publicly thanks to the internet and satalite TV.

There is a joke that is running around now to lift spirits that goes like this. “Jamal Abdulnasir Saddat (both former presidents of Egypts that were assasinated by poison and gun fire) were greating Qaddafi in Hell and asked him: How did your people kill you? Poison or Gun? Qaddafi says: Facebook!

Neighbors have formed alliances with trusted ones and have night watch shifts to guard themselves. Funny how I never thought that I would be gathering rocks and sticks and call them weapons…

Libyan people say that “they want to try gas tears, hot and cold water jets, rubber bullets like regular protesters of the world”.Instead the mad dog and his gang went strait for anti-tank and anti-aircraft bullets to silence the protesters (forever). They use 14.5 caliber rounds. These were used to target heads, neck and chests of protesters.

Anyways, the net is sporadic and snail-slow these days. So bye for now.


Update: Since midnight the government troops and loyal thugs were busy clearing up the streets from a main street of the capital Tripoli in preparation to bring few international journalists to show them that Tripoli is safe, there is stability and all is fine….

The criminals were let out by Qaddafi and shown on state TV as a propaganda for Qaddafi. The TV said that the leader of the revolution have freed many innocent inmates and inmates who completed the rehabilitation program in prison. What a perfect time to release criminals and thugs!!! When there is a chaos and instability and no civil police on the streets!!! This is madness.

The question that the reporters should ask is: why give the journalists a guided tour? Why not let reporters travel unattended?

Right now on Libyan TV (and this is the scary part) they are offering large rewards for those who would give away names of protesters (calling them terrorists)!!!! I am afraid many low lives and previous criminals that were let out of prison last week will give names of many people they have problems with to get the reward and to harm these people at the same time!


I am afraid he will go with a big bang. There are rumors he might pull the poisonous gas trick in a mass suicide-homicide attack. They found many gas masks in many of his fallen military bases.

I think tomorrow will be his last as people in Tripoli vowed to march to his final base after Friday prayers in a million man march risking their lives of course. They chant “Wait for us tomorrow as we will make a bridge from our dead bodies to reach you Qaddafii”.

Well, I guess all I can say is: come what may!

I find it difficult to login and if I make it, it is very difficult to post.




Hear the dictator of 42 years speak:

The first 20 minutes of Gaddafi’s speech from 2 days ago



The country’s ambassador to India has apparently confirmed that former African mercenaries are being used by the Libyan regime to crush protests, prompting some army troops to switch sides to support the opposition.

Ali al-Essawi, who resigned in the wake of the crackdown, said: “They are from Africa, and speak French and other languages.” He added that he was receiving information from sources within the country.

Essawi added: “They (troops) are Libyans and they cannot see foreigners killing Libyans so they moved beside the people… Libyans cannot do anything against the air fighters. We do not call for international troops, but we call on the international community to save the Libyans.”


Qaddafi Massing Forces in Tripoli as Rebellion Spreads


Two Libyan pilots defected to Malta with their Mirage F1’s:


Video showing armed mercenaries on the streets:


*WARNING* Graphic video:

According to my friend who’s stuck in Libya, this video shows the recently murdered bodies of a group of army personnel who were executed because they changed their hearts and refused to shoot people. The people who filmed the video say it is from the outskirts of Tripoli in a deserted area.


Clip from Russian TV:


A mutual friend who also knows about this posted :

The daily beast had a collection of all those crazy videos that he mentioned.  Mass burials on the beaches in Tripoli, literally bodies as far as you could see and people during them using concrete, the soldiers shot in the back for not firing on protesters, the burned bodies of soldiers who who the militia locked in a barracks and burned down, the dead bodies of protesters who had literally been blown into pieces from the large caliber weapons, some serious shit. I hear all the militias are consolidating around Tripoli.





  • If you have contacts in the media, talk to them, share these links and the information in them with the media
  • If you have contacts in govt anywhere, share the information with them
  • Spread the word. Join others who are trying in different ways to help the Libyan people who are trying to emancipate themselves from living for 42 years under this dictator.
  • Sign the AVAAZ petition to ask the UN to intervene by freezing Gaddafi’s accounts
  • AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST: Talk to your friends, family, colleagues, neighbours, facebook friends and everyone else, about what is going on.

Thank you!

5 responses to “Messages From Libya

    • You’re very welcome, John! It was very tough to read for me as well, but this is the horrid reality that’s currently eating up Libya. 😦 May they have the courage and strength to overcome this adversity.

  1. Ufff… how aweful! That sick pathetic man still lives while the lesser evils are given more importance. This world needs to get it’s priorities right!

    Could I share this too?

    • Kana! He needs to be annihilated already! Ugh. And, yes, by ALL means, please share away!!! The more people read this the better. Deera, deera manana!

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