Rabab Of My Soul

O’ dearly beloved!
Listen to the Rabab of my soul
As it eternally flutters taboo melodies
That only you and I can hear;
The rhythmic strings of the sitar
Propels saccharine vibrations
That sets our vacant hearts ablaze;
Its sensuous strings of euphoria,
And its tunes reserved for lovers,
Intoxicates our wavering spirits
Into the shadows of ecstasy!
The ruddiness of our lips
Reflects the radiant glow of our passion;
Oh, how much I long
To taste the sweetness of your lips!
Lips the colour of red wine;
As we are thrust into a never-ending trance
Where we grow drunk on each other;
And our love bequeaths the madness
That tries to imprison our burnt spirits,
Whilst pulsating with feral eruptions,
And, like a volcano, it exudes hot lava,
Into the welcoming skies of my forsaken land –
My Pakhtunkhwa –
The land of lovers and foes,
Of saints and tyrants,
Of rebels and zealots
Of living and dead…
Land of my beloved, whose soul mirrors mine,
Embraced in one single breath, that inner song,
As he plays the Rabab with his magical fingers
And incessantly strums the strings of my soul

© February, 2011

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