One of my own drawings. I mainly used sharpie markers for this portrait.


This poem is inspired by one of my most favourite quotes by Che Guevera.



How can I feel nostalgia
For a land I never knew?
This beautiful land of emerald,
Once so lush and jade,
Besieged by high mountains
And cerulean blue waters;
It is like a hassock of nature,
Rising to welcome me
Into its soft sloping embrace

How can I feel nostalgia
For a land where the zephyrs disputed endlessly,
And the undulating seas left their strokes?
And, their whispers, Oh!
How they drive me mad –
Mad with ignominy!
They call me a recreant
For having left behind a land,
That was once graced in harmony,
But now cursed with enmity!

O’ nostalgia, nostalgia
Seep into my veins
And feed my eternal hunger!
Lest I shall forget,
I know deep down,
Bereavement will be my fate
But I will survive,
For I am immortal
I feel you beckoning my vocation
For it seems that you have finally understood
The essence that destroyed me
Yet, my memory has not been tarnished
For I, at last, remember
This land of perennial sins
And cursed spirits
I have arrived,
Back to my prerogative
And I will no longer wander endlessly
Along the roads and seas
Of my native enigma

© March 2011

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