Hot Yoga: My New Love!

So, my sis-in-law introduced me to hot yoga a few days ago, and OH EM GEE, it is the MOST brilliant, MOST amazing, and MOST relaxing exercise routine ever! Gosh, I wish I knew about it earlier, else I wouldn’t have wasted so much time at the gym. Of course, this is not to imply that going to the gym is not good and all. It IS good. However, I realized that working out at the gym always made me feel so exhausted by the time I was done. And I hardly was able to sweat nor burn as many calories as I’d wanted to burn.

However, hot yoga is different. And it’s a little different than ordinary yoga, in that it is done in a very hot room (I believe it’s around 50-60 Celsius). At first the room seems warm when you walk into it. But after you begin to do the stretches, you begin to sweat. Like CRAZY. I’ve just been to two classes so far (we just signed up for a month, as there was a special deal going on, so we will be going every single day, as the classes are unlimited and we can go in whenEVER we want); and both times my clothes were drenched by the time I was done. Yes, as gross as this sounds, that’s just how much we’d sweat. Heck, in all my times working out at the gym, I’ve NEVER been able to sweat like that. Like ever. And get this! Each one and half hour of intense yoga not only makes you sweat like no tomorrow, but it also makes you lose about a 1000 calories! That’s like a whole freakin’ pound! It’s insane! Of course, my goal isn’t to lose like 25 pounds or anything, but I just want to be at a healthy weight for my age and height; of course, most importantly, I want to detox and tone my body. I realized that ever since I got married, I haven’t been watching my health as much as I should be. I used to be very health conscious before, making sure I ate more greens and less of the unhealthy fatty stuff. And considering that heart disease is so much on the rise these days, it’s best I take control of my life now before it’s too late. Plus, I noticed I feel healthier too, ever since I started yoga; it not only helps with body toning, but it also helps me mentallty by relaxing my state of mind, relieving me of all the stress and tensions of the world, and most importantly of all, releasing all the toxins from my body.

And OMG, the last instructor I had talked about the seven body Chakras! Oh, and in case my readers aren’t aware of what these are, within our bodies there are focal points of energy that we use, whether consciously or unconsciously, to affect reality and to allow us to fully experience and realize events that unfold before us. These focal points are called Chakras. These Chakras are located in important parts of our bodies, such as the head or heart. Any organs within the area of these Chakras are used to control; and are, therefore, directly affected by the properties of that Chakra. There are seven Chakras located throughout the body, each with their own unique attributes and characteristics, these are: Root Chakra, Heart Chakra, Naval Chakra, Solar Plexus Chakra, Crown Chakra, Throat Chakra, and Brow Chakra. I plan to write another blog post in the very near future, going into depth and explaining each and every one of these Chakras and their significance to yoga, meditation, and to our well-being. It’s really, really fascinating stuff, I tell ya!

Anyway, so hot yoga is not just a brilliant exercise, but it’s perfect for spiritual people like me, especially when it comes to getting in touch with my inner self and utilizing the different energies in my body. I haven’t mastered any of this stuff yet, ‘cause I watch the other (more experienced) people in my class and they amaze me. Some have so much control over their bodies, and they are able to stand in very difficult poses, without moving an inch. I could tell that their level of concentration is very high, as they are able to focus not only on their bodies, but rather beyond it, which hence allows them the ability to stand on one leg without swaying. I’ve tried to concentrate, but my mind wanders at times, and as soon as that happens, I am unable to do the pose. It’s amazing how incredibly powerful our minds are, eh. We can literally do whatEVER we want, perhaps even the impossible, I’m sure. And mastering intense concentration is an art all by itself. I am hoping that by the time my month is over, I will be able to somewhat do it as well (even if I haven’t mastered it yet, which I am sure takes many years of dedication and practice).

I CAN’T’ wait for my next class! :: Squeeeeeeeeeeeeee ::


4 responses to “Hot Yoga: My New Love!

  1. Wow I never knew of hot yoga. I shall be checking my local gyms right away, though I’ve never come across anything of the sort! Interesting.

    • Oh, you should definitely try it, hun! You’ll be HOOKED! Have you ever done yoga before, though? The first day is a bit tough, ’cause the room is really hot, and it makes you a bit tired. But once you get into the groove of it, it feels very heavenly. Let me know what you think once you do try it out. I am sure you’ll either curse me or thank me later, or both. Hehe. 😉

  2. Well, considering I can not stand the heat, I am sure i’ll start off cursing, but if I get a toned body at the end, you’ll be the first on my christmas list!

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