Osama Bin Laden’s Dead. So, What?!

So, for the past hour or so, news has been circulating like wildfire that Osama Bin Laden is dead. Wow, the world’s greatest scoundrel finally hit rock bottom, huh. Gee, it sure took them LONG enough (over 10 years) to get him, didn’t it? :: rolls eyes ::

Now what? I mean, yeah, okay, the man who started Al-Qaeda and enforced all his evil plans and atrocities around the world, for the most part in the West, is dead and all, but why are people making it seem that with his death suddenly comes world peace? ‘Cause the fact of the matter is that there will be more like him. Many more. And I hate to sound so damn pessimistic, but it’s a fact. So, let’s not fool ourselves, shall we?

Oh, and while the majority of the world is celebrating his demise, I am sure the fanatics are thinking otherwise. Or better yet, they are probably working on their next plan to avenge his death. So, I’d suggest the world not get too carried away with this “news,” and instead be on the lookout for another Osama-wannabe, for there are many out there. The man surely knew he would be caught some day, and despite being a brute, I am sure he was smart enough to have some sort of a back-up plan. Now what the plan is, we won’t know. Not yet, anyway.

And while justice MAY have been served, his death is not enough to compensate for the many lives he took, and will be taking through his wannabe followers. After all, terrorism is like a disease: A cancer. Not only does it spread like wildfire, but once it hits you, it won’t leave you until you are rotting six feet underneath the ground.

Ah, humanity, where art thou?


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