Little Britain

I love British comedy. I absolutely love, love, LOVE it! Whenever I think of British comedy, classics like Mind Your Language and Mr. Bean come to mind. And albeit Mr. Bean is mindless comedy, I still absolutely LOVE Rowan Atkinson. He’s brilliant. Absolutely brilliant.

However, not too long ago (about a year ago), I came across Little Britain. I actually found out about it through a former co-worker and a very close friend of mine, and at first I had NO idea that all the skits were played by ONLY two characters (David Walliams and Matt Lucas). I mean they were SO well done that one could easily mistake them for actual women! And, oh em gee, they are absolutely hysterical!

After watching the first five minutes of the show, I was hooked! The humour is just like my kind of humour too: Very blunt, rude, sarcastic, and just plain arrogant! And the BEST part is the irony! Oh, it kills me! There is Daffyd Thomas – apparently the ONLY gay in the village – and yet, he is as homophobic as any crazy fundamentalist out there. And then there’s Carol Beer – the super rude and obnoxious travel agent, whose favourite line is, “Computer says NO.” Gosh, I love that character; she never fails to crack me up. Oh, and then there’s Bubbles DeVeer – apparently the most beautiful woman in Britain, whose sole purpose is to get naked in every single episode!  (And when I say “naked,” I mean the character is portrayed in a very obese, cellulite-filled body-suit. Too funny!) And not only is she portrayed as a “sex symbol” but everything about her screams DESPERATE. She’s definitely one of my most favourite characters. Oh, oh, and then there’s Marjorie – she runs a Fat Fighters program/class to help “fat” people lose weight. Yet, she never fails to ridicule, insult, and show her discontentment for every single “fat” or “obese” person in her class. She’s so horrible, yet so endearing! The fact I love most is that she’s played by an adorable chubby guy (Matt Lucas), and the character insists that she is “skin and bones.” LOL. Ah, the irony really kills me. Really, it does.

Anyway, those are just a few of my favourite characters, for there are many more, namely Andy and Lou, Emily Howard (the “beautiful” and VERY “lady-like” transvestite), and Vicky Pollard – the hell-raiser, whose infamous line “No, but yeah, but no, but yeah, but no” has now become a part of my daily speech. No kidding! Can you tell I am pathetically addicted? 😉

Here are a few of my most favourite clips from the show below. Science bless Youtube. Where would we be without it, eh? Like, seriously!


6 responses to “Little Britain

  1. I LOVE YOU FOR LOVING LITTLE BRITAIN!!! I just WISH they have more coming at some point. Matt and David have started “Come Fly with Me” that’s very funny too so check that out as well!!!

    And I get a feeling you would like Catherine Tate as well. Here’s a link to one of her skits,

    There are other characters she plays so you can go through them (check out the Nan shes brilliant at that!)

    • Ahhhhh! You’re into Little Britain too?! Holy, this is beyond AWESOME! Heck, YOU’RE beyond awesome!!! Seriously, it’s SO cool to know that you’re into Little Britain and Catherine Tate! I hardly even know anyone, much less Pukhtana, who’ve even heard of ’em! And you can imagine how I feel ’bout that! Ugh! Thank goodness I got my sis-in-law into it, so now she’s just as addicted as I am. 😉 And omg, I looooooove Catherine Tate! She’s so damn freakin’ hilarious! That link you sent me was too funny for words; I almost peed my pants laughing. Btw, have you seen this: I LOVE how the following conversation goes:

      Catherine: “In terms of your customer satisfaction performance, how do you think you did? Positive or negative?”
      Carol: “Negative.”
      Catherine: “That is correct.”
      Carol *smiles very widely, thinking she’s gonna stay on the job*: “Ohhh!”
      Catherine: “NO! That is NOT good!”
      Carol: “Oww” *looks sad*


      • hahaha! Loved that clip! How on earth did a canadian get into british comedy I so wonder!!! I am totally into this stuff, and even the old british standups and comedy shows which were pure genius! Oh and the “carry on” series etc. In fact I remember my parents always watching the carry on’s and other shows so I must have taken after them 😛

      • Welllllll! I actually grew up watching British shows, mostly ‘cause of my parents, especially my dad. He studied in the UK and lived there for quite a number of years before marrying my mom and settling in the Middle East (where my brothers and I were born). So, he was really into shows like Mr. Bean and especially Mind Your Language (omg, that show is HILARIOUS!). But, yeah, I’ve always fancied British shows and films; they have a very unique and blunt way of presenting their material. I absolutely LOVE it. Speaking of British films, you should watch Death At A Funeral; it KILLS the Hollywood version of it. Although I adore Chris Rock and his stand-up comedy, I can’t side with him in that movie. The original Brit version is just toooooooo damn good! And then there’s Ricky Gervais, whom I really adore as well. Ahhh, quite a few great gems have come out of the UK, eh 🙂

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