Brave Saudi Women Take A Stand!

And ‘BOUT time too! The full story can be accessed at this link.

I have been waiting for this moment since FOREVER – a moment where women will FINALLY take a stand against Saudi Arabia’s most ridiculous, most backward, and most obtuse ban against women driving. And thanks to Manal, and her army of 10 very brave women, this ludicrousness will finally (and hopefully) come to an end.

I mean, seriously, I really don’t understand this ban AT ALL. What’s wrong with women taking the wheel anyway?! What if there is a horrible accident or an emergency and there is no male around to drive, and the ones that are around, are either infants or too young to know how to drive;  isn’t it IMPORTANT that women know how to drive, just in case shit like that goes down?  I mean, really now. These pathetic men need to let go of their blatant insecurities! Besides, who the heck are they to disallow women the permission to drive anyway? They’re just as human as we are, no? Oh, but wait, what am I saying? Men are equivalent to gods! Oops, my bad! *Sarcasm *

Anyway, so June 17 is the day when these women will start driving their own vehicles, while blatantly going against the ban! Gosh, I soooo can’t WAIT! For those of my readers who have Facebook, please join this event on there:, and PLEASE support these amazing brave women. Oh, and if you have a Twitter account, then please follow them at this link as well:!/Women2Drive.

Let the revolution begin! W00t!

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