Maria Toor — Our Hope For Pashtun Women

What a beautiful, talented, brave, and incredibly inspiring Pashtun woman! This is Maria Toor’s story — a woman, who hails from a land where women can’t leave their homes without being covered from head to toe in a despicable and suffocating shuttlecock burka; a land where women’s voices are silenced; a land where they cannot express their freedom, talents, or individuality; a land where the men rule over women, hence throwing them deeper and deeper into oblivion.

But, thanks to her wonderfully brave and incredible human of a father, Maria was able to escape the horrid reality of what her life could have been. And if ALL men were like him, our women would NEVER be the way they are today. Maria is indeed a ray of light in a land that’s plunged into darkness.

I just hope her talent and fame will inspire more Pashtun women to break free from the chains that they’ve been confined to; for baseless rules are meant to be broken in order to attain the freedom and independence that we all so deserve.

Anyway, without further ado, here is her brilliant story:

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