I Want

I have been writing poems since I was 12 years old. And then, just like I did with my art, I decided to take a hiatus from it — well, what was supposed to be a short while turned into years and years. And then, in mid-2009, my incredibly talented friend, Sherry Duggal, started sharing some of her brilliant poetry with me. And I was blown away by her boldness, and the themes she chose for her poems. Not only were they powerful, but they also inspired me — very much so — to get back into my poetry. And, hence, not too long after that, my poems “Let Me” and “Reflection In The Water” were born. And I have no one but Sherry to thank for this wonderful inspiration. I now try to write poems as often as I can, for it can be such a great release for me. It’s therapeutic.

Anyway, I honestly don’t know ANYONE who can write English poetry as amazingly and brilliantly as Sherry does. And, for the longest time, she has been such a great inspiration to me, not only when it comes to poetry, but among other things as well.

I would now like to share a poem that she wrote recently. She read this to me over the phone, and I have to say, I did get a tad emotional. It’s such a beautiful poem that I am sure anyone and everyone can relate to.

So, without further ado, here you go. Enjoy!:


“I want”
Written by Sherry Duggal

I want to sprout like a flower and touch the sky.
I want to hold the sky and paint it red.
I want to take the red and share it with others.
I want to pour the red and offer it as rays.
I want to soak in the rays and bleed in your yellow.
I want to scatter your yellow and shed my light
I want to shine my light to discover your shadow
I want to walk in your shadow and travel the earth
I want to move the earth and make you my axis.
I want to spin around your axis and inhale the stars
I want to wander amidst the stars and land in your footprint
I want to stop in your footprint and exhale galaxies
I want to capture those galaxies and store them in a grain of rice
I want to break the rice and taste your flavor
I want to mix the flavors and radiate white
I want to burn the white and smell like incense
I want to remove the incense and revel in the smoke.
I want to become the smoke and seep through clothes
I want to toss the clothes and wrap myself in rainbows
I want to draw the rainbows and separate the colors
I want to dissolve the colors and float in black
I want to dip myself in black and sign my name with kohl
I want to grab the kohl and apply it to your eyes
I want to look into your eyes and drown it with my tears
I want to collect the tears and cross the seven oceans
I want to swim in the oceans and transform them to mud
I want to dig in the mud and search for pearls
I want to sift through pearls and attain eternal wisdom.
I want to apply my wisdom to get to the oyster
I want to pick up the oyster and drink its holy water
I want to bathe in the water and find the right sound.
I want to take in the sounds and release them as noise
I want to embrace the noise and discover silence.
I want to seduce the silence and greet it with drums.
I want to hit the drums and dance to temple bells
I want to ring the bells and catch you in my thoughts.
I want to celebrate my thoughts and honor it with trumpets.
I want to blow the ceremonial trumpet and pluck the strings.
I want to loosen your strings and tighten my notes.
I want to suspend my notes and hear them in bracelets that touch.
I want to wear the bracelets and sing your song.
I want to listen to your song and let it wash over me like a lullaby
I want to remember the lullaby and make it part of my dreams
I want to write down my dreams and let them guide me to shore
I want to reach the shore and feel the pull of gravity
I want to go against gravity and measure its pressure
I want to burst with the pressure and leave a trail of fire
I want to melt in the fire and scatter diamonds on your path
I want to swallow the diamonds and gleam in your light
I want to remove your light and shiver in the dark
I want to explore the dark and follow your shadow
I want to merge with your shadow and lead with my heat.
I want to increase the heat and evaporate into air
I want to fly in the air and fall to the ground.
I want to roll in the ground and make love to the earth.
I want to coddle the earth and let it show me its scars
I want to stitch the scars with the salt of my wounds
I want to close the wounds and sweep past landscapes
I want to absorb the landscapes and catch a glimpse of your form
I want to memorize your form and stumble upon prayers
I want to transmit the prayers and manifest them in your continent
I want to combine the continents and see them in my hands
I want to fold my hands and say more prayers.
I want to release the prayers and display them like fireworks
I want to use the fireworks to expose hunger and thirst
I want to experience hunger and thirst and acknowledge what I have
I want to acknowledge what I have and send a message of peace
I want to broadcast the message and decode it in your eyes
I want to open my eyes and wake up from this sleep
I want to get up from this sleep and crackle loud
I want to crackle like electricity and ignite sparks on screen.

Copyrighted April 8th, 2011

8 responses to “I Want

  1. Very few English poems keep me captivated till the very last verse! “I Want” is indeed one of those rare poems… Kudos to Sherry Duggal!!

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