We Got Lamps!

And suuuuuuch BEAUTIFUL lamps they are too! Abaseen and I have been trying to get lamps that would match the theme (beige/cream and dark brown) of our living room decor for quite a while now. I mean it’s not easy to find furniture that match, ya know? I don’t like traditional looking stuff. I love things that are modern and unique. And the more different they are, the better!

So, yesterday, the hubby and I decided to look around and see if we could find some lamps for our house, ’cause, well, we desperately needed a couple. Not only for visually aesthetic reasons, but also because we needed some light!

Anyway, as soon as we walked into the store, at first we saw a bunch of those boring, typical looking ones. You know the ones with the short stands and triangular-shaped hats. I mean, don’t get me wrong, some of them were actually quite nice, especially with the marble finishing and all. And I have to say, Abaseen and I were VERY close to buying the four piece set (with the marble finish), when suddenly we turned around and Abaseen pointed to a lamp near the far corner of the shelf. As soon as my eyes set on the lamp, I knew it was THE one! We both agreed it was absolutely STUNNING! It was WAY better than what we had originally picked out; and it was not only because it went perfectly with our theme colours, but it was just freakin’ beautiful! We decided to buy two long stands, and one small one (that can be placed on a table). And to think the price for them wasn’t half bad either! We actually got a really, really good deal! I guess it was just in our luck that day to buy lamps, eh!

Anyway, before I make my reader any more antsy, here is a pic for your viewing pleasure:So, yeah. I officially LOVE furniture shopping! ‘Tis mad fun! You should try it too sometime. 😉


3 responses to “We Got Lamps!

    • Kana?! I loooove it! Kho, this pic doesn’t do it justice! They’re MUCH brighter and prettier-looking in real life! :p

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