Ustad Shah Wali Performed At My Waleema!

For those of you who don’t know who the great Ustad Shah Wali is, especially if you’re Pakhtun, then you’re REALLY missing out! His voice and his music are simply AMAZING! We were VERY lucky to get him to perform live at my and Abaseen’s Waleema (wedding reception) not too long ago. (Mind you, it was very last minute too, but being the darling that he was, he put aside everything just so he could make time for us. Bless his dear heart!)

Anyway, it was truly a GREAT honour to have Shah Wali perform at our Waleema. He’s extremely HUGE in Afghanistan, and you’d think that someone with his fame and caliber, he would be obnoxious and arrogant. But, no, not only is he a brilliant performer, but he is also incredibly humble and a very, very lovely and charming man. Everyone absolutely LOVED him, especially moi! And his sons performed with him as well; and I have to say, their rabab and tabla playing skills are freaking INCREDIBLE! I’ve never seen such amazing music playing talent in my whole entire life! And it’s a totally different ball game when you witness it a few feet away from where you’re sitting. We were all seriously in awe. This was indeed the most perfect and most beautiful Waleema ever. I am truly lucky.

I wholeheartedly wish for dearest Ustad Shah Wali kaka and his wonderful sons to have a very long, happy, and healthy life ahead of them, filled with the most riveting and awe-inspiring music for our Pakhtuns. And I know that this won’t be the last time we will be seeing them anyway, for I plan to ask him to teach me how to play the rabab, ka khairey. *squeee*

Here are some pics of him and his sons from the event.

And here are two of my most favourite songs by him. Enjoy!

3 responses to “Ustad Shah Wali Performed At My Waleema!

  1. lol @ the above spam, I had a really funny one on my blog not so long ago! kha back to the post… WOW. I saw him in your walima pics but didnt know who it was 😛 thanks for uploading his songs they are beautiful and yes his voice is mashallah amazing. You’re fortunate for sure!

    • LOL! Yeah, these spams are hilarious, no doubt. Though, I have to say, that one is quite a nicely written one. It actually seems genuine! Hehe.

      Yeah, I didn’t know much about him until Abaseen told me about him, and how he grew up listening to his songs, ’cause his parents were great fans of him. Apparently, he’s quite HUGE in Afghanistan and Peshawar. He teaches music in Canada now. I am really contemplating taking rabab classes from him. You should see the way his sons play the rabab. CRAAAAAZY freakin’ amaaaazing! Da nazara ma shee! 🙂

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