Birthday Numerology And Their Meanings

A really good friend of mine sent me this really interesting email a while back, and I am surprised I never shared it on my blog before! Anyway, it’s really, really cool stuff, especially if my readers are into astrology/numerology. I plan to write a full, detailed article on this topic one of these days. It’s THE most fascinating topic ever. I never used to be into this stuff before, but since the past four years I’ve been hooked! And there is a reason for that. I will explain once I write my article. In the meantime, check out and enjoy the post below.


Here’s a good website link I found for Birthday Numerology Number. Pretty accurate. There are plenty more sites on this. Keep in mind that some are fake – made up:

Again Numerology numbers are from 1-9 only and add up double or triple digit numbers as well until you have a single digit number.

Also remember to look at Life Path Numerology Number. Adding up full date including month, day and year.

And one other type of numerology I forget to mention to you is Name Numerology. This involves adding up the letters of your full name – First, Middle, and Last name. A = 1, Z = 26 = 8. It’s true because everything in nature has its own vibration including every energy, every thought, every feeling, every sound, every word, and every letter has its own vibration. Therefore names do too.

Of course, Birth Charts based on your Time of Birth are very important too. They have additional information such as Astrology –> Sun Sign, Moon Sign and Ascendant (a.k.a. Rising Sun Sign) plus Lucky Numbers and appropriate Gem stones/Crystals for you and information on your past, future (including who you are likely to marry), your personality and career, etc.

All of the above is found in Eastern philosophies/religions — Indian/Hindu mostly, Ancient Greek, Egyptian and some of it in China as well. Another thing found in both India and China is Proper Placement of Things Including Furniture for Greater Energy Flow in and Outside the Home. It’s called Feng Shui. There is Chinese Feng Shui and Indian Feng Shui. There are some differences between the two in terms of position and placement of things.

Law of Attration works similarly because our thoughts release vibrations too. And each thought has its own vibration.

One response to “Birthday Numerology And Their Meanings

  1. Does reading numerology for name and birthdate work together for an in depth reading or they both represent completley different ares of the subject?
    Look forward to hearing from you

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