The following poem is inspired by an Indian film I watched a few days ago. Unlike typical Bollywood films, this was more of an art film, directed by the very talented Deepa Mehta, called “Fire.” I wish I didn’t wait this long to watch this brilliant film, for it was indeed one of the best Indian films I’ve seen in a very long time. The film dealt with some very bold themes that I’m sure served as a breakthrough in traditional Indian cinema. And I was very impressed with how well and beautifully it was all depicted. Hence, the following poem is a result of the film’s inspiration.

Note: The version I’m sharing on my blog is actually the censored version (PG). But if any of my readers are interested in reading the uncensored one, then message me and I’ll email it to you. Gotta make sure the stuff I share on my blog is appropriate for all audiences, yeah? 😉

In the deepest of nights
You come to me like a dream
Soft words, most wild, caress my senses
And thoughts, as incarnadine and ripe,
As a hot-handed touch,
Fill my being with euphoria
We are alone –You and I
As taboo desires begin to erupt,
Between tangled sheets,
And uninhibited passion,
Kept hidden from the world
I feel your soft hand on my yielding skin
And I want it to lay there
For I’d forgotten what it is like to be touched,
I’ve been forced to suppress my desires
For many barren years
But you came into my life,
Like an apparition,
And set fire to a dying candle
Re-awakening taboo sensations ,
And my yen for physical touch
Your warmth and beauty
Feeds my sensuous appetite
And I crave you – day and night,
O’ how I wish our love wasn’t an enigma!
It is understood that we are not wanted
For they will doom us to damnation,
If discovered…
Alas! They will never understand
Our love, our passion for each other
They say it is wicked
For us to be in love
But why, I ask?
Is not love supposed to be eternal,
Regardless of what ilk or ethos we belong to?
Perhaps it’s better we just lay here
In this darkened corner
Where they cannot hear us; nor see us
And, with minutes ticking by,
As she takes place at the side of my yearning
I wish
That we will wake to a tomorrow
Where all those misunderstood yesterdays,
Will be nothing more,
But a moment caught in the place of dreams
And we shall be free to express our love
Amidst the burning of fires and boon
So, with soft words most revered
I will wait for you tomorrow…

© November 2011

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