Hell On Earth

This is a poem I started a while back, but never got to finish as I needed to find the right words to give it more depth and meaning. It deals with the issue of child marriages, which is a very common and backward practice in many rural parts of Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa; as well as other parts of the world.

I tried to keep the poem as short as I could, so that it would leave a lingering feeling in my readers’ minds. My husband once told me that the shorter the poem, the more impactful it becomes; because a few deep lines tend to leave a lasting impression and is hence remembered for a very, very long time. Of course, this is not to imply that longer poems are not memorable or anything, but I guess if one is able to express enough in just a few lines, it indeed makes the poem more notable.


He leered at her with lust
A little girl with barely any breasts
She was betrothed when she was only nine
And wed without any given sign
Only a frozen pain now resides in her heart
For through him, all was torn apart
She weeps under the bosom of darkness
As her burning insanity stirs her weakness
And like a tainted lake that never flows
She continues to wither away, like a dying rose
Because her youth fled that day
And her virginity was snatched away
He ripped off her dress
Like a madman in distress
Of what he prepared, she took less –
Satan’s bliss
She begged the holy zephyrs to hear her pleas
But he raped her, for only a few measly rupees!
This was not the life she chose –
A life full of misery and abuse
Her destiny was decided before the dawn of her birth
For she was to be eternally locked and frozen without mirth –
In an asphyxiating existence – a hell on earth…

© November 2011

5 responses to “Hell On Earth

  1. Great poem. Agree to each and every word of it! Indeed, forced marriages and then marital rape are huge crimes against humanity, but they are never taken up even casually by the society and government. To tell you the truth, marital rape is not even PERCEIVED as a crime! Our war must be directed at these vices! Bravo to you for highlighting all this! Keep going, sister!!!

    • Pa khair, Naveen janay! Thank you so much for dropping by and for your lovely comment. And, yes, you are totally correct in that marital rape, in most of these inhumanely backward societies, is not even considered a crime; and for obvious reasons too. But, we can discuss that in a private message, or when we meet face-to-face soon, ka khairey. Thanks again, guloono! And I’ll talk to you soon. Much love.

  2. Regardless of one being a child bride or not, in the psyche or the subcontinent nations, or east or wherever.. where the practices of forced arranged marriages is quite a bit of a ‘normal norm/trend’ … the concept unwanted sex in a marriage … when the husband imposes… though considered a complete rape… is non-existent and a laughable matter that one can not even argue its stance. However… it does happens and so does abuse and is rarely acknowledged. Kudos to you to bring such things in open light… I commend your efforts! Keep it up 🙂

    • Seher jaaney! Zama gulley! Deera manana for your comment! We do, indeed, live in a very, very sad world, don’t we? The fact that child marriages have become the “norm” or “normalized” is so very disturbing that my mind can’t even begin to fathom the whole logic of it. And, yes, if sex is forced, it IS considered rape, regardless if the woman is married or not. There is a HUGE difference between forced sex and consensual sex. I actually wrote an article similar to that topic once. You can check it out, of course whenever you get a chance, and let me know your thoughts: https://sesapzai.wordpress.com/2011/02/14/rape-and-consent-where-do-we-draw-the-line/

      And START your blog soon, kha? Pa thamma yum, gorey! Oh, and thank you soooooo much for those dip recipes, jaan! Can’t wait to see you soon! Much love and hugs xoxo.

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