“Ghani Khan Ghani Ta”

This is a poem written by the very brilliant Ghani Khan; he actually wrote this poem to himself. Gosh, he was AMAZING! I’ve been reading more and more Pashto poetry lately, and YES, in Pashto, mind you! 😉 So, it’s been pretty liberating, enlightening, and wonderful thus far! My next poem will be inspired by this particular poem. It will also be a poem written to myself. Gosh, that brings me goosebumps, for some reason! Anyway, enjoy the Pashto version of the poem (if you can read/write Pashto, that is! But if not, no worries, as I’ve provided the English translation as well).

ما وې غنى يار څۀ بې اندازه غوې يې
ادب دې درکې کم زبان‌درازه غوندې يې
قيصه ده‌ ګډه‌وډه نۀ سم خان شوې نۀ ټوقى شوې
خو تۀ د دې دوپيازو کښې څۀ درې‌پيازه غوندې يې
پټى دې وران ويجاړ دى او کږې وږې د پولې
کرې په کښې ګلونه حسن سازه غوندې يې
لينده دې ماته ګوډه او شډل‌مډل دې غشى
خو غُزار دې رسا لږى تير اندازه غوندې يې
دولت وى کۀ صفت وى، کۀ ناموس وى، کۀ شهرت
په وږې خېټه موړ او بې نيازه غوندې يې
کۀ رنګ وى، کۀ تراش وى، کۀ چاربيته، کۀ بدله
په خپله لار روان يې بې‌استاذه غوندې يې
په مينه يې مئين او خدائ ته پلار او جانان وائې
دا ځکه خو بې توله، بې اندازه غوندې يې
(غنى خان غنى ته)

I thought of you Ghani, as a friend, an elegant one
You have less courtesy and you are extra talkative
The matter is all messed up;
Neither have you become a full honourable person, nor a full joker!
But you are a triple-ranked joker among those jokers
Your field is devastated and ruined; and your terraces are meandering
Your bow is broken and your arrows are not sharp
But you hit the target straight, you are a professional bowman
You have wealth, a good name, honour, and fame
You seem full with an empty stomach and forgetful
You speak colourful songs and poems
You follow your own way and you seem to be having no teacher
You are a lover of love and you call God “Father and beloved”
For this is why you seem so amazing and elegant

– The great Ghani Khan

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