When I was in Pakistan, I actually got hooked on this series; of course, thanks to my mother-in-law, who made sure she was home the day this weekly drama came on TV (Hum TV). She never missed an episode and now that I’ve watched it with her, I can understand why. It’s SO addictive. Oh, and I just realized that the whole series of this drama can now be accessed on YouTube here.

I have to admit, when it comes to dramas, Pakistan definitely excels in that department. Though, I’m also happy to say that they are really improving when it comes to their films, especially with titles like “Khuda Ki Liye,” and “Bol” (which in my opinion was excellent!). Pakistan has indeed come a very long way, and I hope they keep it up.

Anyway, the main reason I initially got hooked on “Humsafar” (an Urdu word, which metaphorically means life companion in English) was because of its soundtrack. Usually, I don’t care much for “soap-opera” type dramas, but each time the show started, this beautiful title song would start playing, and I often wondered who sang it and what it was called, as my mother-in-law had no clue either. I’m happy to say that I FINALLY found the song (well, not me, actually, but my darling Abaseen did, hehe); and it’s been playing on repeat ever since. It’s such a gorgeous song and so beautifully sung! I just LOVE it!

Below is the link to the song on YouTube, and I’ve also provided the translation by ifragrance beneath the video in English. Enjoy! (Which I’m sure you will. ;))

When we parted ways,
Neither you cried nor I,
But, what is this,
A peaceful sleep since,
Has not touched our eyes?

He was my companion,
But not in harmony were we,
Like the clouds and sunlight,
Together but as apart as can be.

There were feelings of animosity,
And anguish between us,
My departed lover, had been everything,
But unfaithful.

Last time I looked into his eyes,
My poetry reflected back at me,
Verses, that which I had never,
Recited to anyone.

10 responses to “Humsafar

  1. Delighted to find your blog! I’m an American but was raised in Pakistan and worked there as an adult with my husband for 3 years. Went back last year to do flood relief (I am a public health nurse by profession) and it was remarkable to go back. It is my childhood home and love and has amazing memories as such. I look forward to reading more but love the word “Humsafar” and the post!

    • Hello Marilyn! Thank you so much for dropping by and for leaving such a lovely comment! It’s amazing to hear about your growing up in Pakistan and how much you loved it there. I am ethnically Pashtun, but I never *lived* in Pakistan, as I was born in the Middle East, lived there for a few years, and then my family and I moved to Canada. We did, however, go to Pakistan for the summer holidays and all, but I always wondered what it would be like to actually LIVE there, you know? I recently just went back, after almost 16 years, and I must say, it was the most amazing and incredibly fun experience ever. I stayed in Karachi most of the time, but we road-tripped to Khyber-Pakhtunkhwa, and visited places like Swat (Malam Jabba), Balakot, Malakand, Peshawar (Hyatabad), and murrey. They are all such breath-takingly beautfiful places, and yes, it was indeed my first time visiting Swat, Balakot, and Malakand. Had I known how incredibly beautiful Pakistan was, I never would have taken this long to visit, but alas! Better late than never, right? Anyway, I am planning to go back again, very soon, for my thesis research, so I am realllllly looking forward to that.

      So, where in Pakistan did you live exactly? And it’s amazing to hear that you went back to help with the flood relief victims. Many kudos to you for devoting your time to such a great cause! I love humanitarian work myself, and it really humbles me when I meet people such as yourself who are also involved in such humanitarian-based activities. Please keep up the great work!

      By the way, since you grew up in Pakistan, you must know how to speak Urdu, yeah? If so, that is THE coolest ever! I speak Pashto, and my Urdu is a bit rough (as it’s not my mother tongue), but I’m hoping to learn it soon. It’s such a sweet language.

      Oh, and I LOVE your blog too! You have some great stuff on there! Do you mind if I linked my blog to yours? I have a feeling, I’ll be visiting your blog pretty often as you have some great stuff on there for my reading pleasure. 🙂

      Anyway, take care and great to make your lovely acquaintance.

      • Just getting this comment brought back the best memories. So I went to boarding school in Murree and we used to vacation in Swat, Balakot etc. We would always stay at a resthouse in Peshawar on the way to Swat and I have these memories of frogs croaking on warm summer evenings in Peshawar! We would also vacation in Afghanistan and that’s a whole other story! The beauty of Pakistan is something I wish those in the west could grasp. Would love to have you link my blog and I look forward to coming to your often as well.
        I actually have a free ticket on Etihad air to go back to Pakistan so waiting for a time when i can go for a few weeks. Thanks so much for responding!

    • Hello ifragrance! I’m so sorry about that. I googled the translation for the song and I didn’t see any reference as to who had translated it, so I’m glad you brought it to my attention. I will add your name to the translation now. 🙂

      Btw, you have a very lovely blog!

      • Thank you so much x 2. I am really sorry if I was rude, its just that I have noticed all over the internet people keep copying it but never link it back to me 😥

      • Aww, no problem at all! I know the feeling, hun (I’m assuming you’re female?). I notice people taking my art or my poems and putting it on their walls or websites without linking it back to me alllll the time, and it bothers me a lot too, especially when people steal ideas for my poems or use the exact same verses or stanzas in their own poems, without indicating that my poem inspired them. It is soooooo frustrating, but that’s how the world is I suppose. So, now I’ve made a habit of signing all my artwork and copyrighting all my poems. (Of course, people still steal ideas regardless, but at least the copyrighting still gives me peace of mind.)

        You did such a brilliant translation with the poem, and honestly when I found it on this other site (not yours), it was not cited at all. I’ll try to find that site again, so you can maybe email the admin and let her/him know that they should refer it back to you, else it’s unfair. It’s not an easy song to translate and you seriously deserve FULL credit for it! It’s been four months since I heard this song and I’m still as addicted as ever! Hehe :: blushes ::

      • Yes I am a girl 🙂 I will never understand why people do that? Btw, how do you copyright written stuff?

        And thank you so much. It is for of this single translation my blog gets maximum hits 😛 Amazing poetry and serial.

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