I Dwell Within You

Just a little cheesy poem I wrote for my husband to let him know how much I love him, and how much I appreciate all the wonderful things he does for me. I am truly blessed. 🙂

A stranger you were once
Dark, handsome and romantically enigmatic
Then, with a gentle look
You took my hand,
And invited me into your world —
A world of endless wonders
And untamed passion!
As our lips met, for the first time
And I tasted your sweetness,
It felt like déjà vu
For a sense of euphoria washed over me,
And it was then that I understood
That I was yours; always
For you eternally dwelled within me
How fortunate we are
To have found a love so pure,
In a world where love is considered an enigma
We are soul mates; twin flames!
For our love only exists in tales of make believe
You lit my life
And breathed new life into me;
I’ve become your sunshine
And also your shadow,
My soul is screaming in ecstasy!
For every essence of my being
Is in love with you;
And if our love were a candle
It would burn; burn till the end of time,
I must be a fool to believe
That because I breath air I am alive
When it is you I breathe…
Your love, your passion, your brilliance nourishes my being
For I want to perish inside of you and live forever…

© January 2012

2 responses to “I Dwell Within You

    • Thank you so much for your extremely wonderful comment! I really, really appreciate it! :: blushes ::

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