#AwesomePashtunThings Takes Twitter By Storm!

Okay, so, yesterday, around noon-ish, I decided to go on my usual Twitter-escapade, doing my usual thing: Log in, check the “What’s Happening” section, maybe re-tweet a few cool links, quotes, and what not. And perhaps tweet some of my daily happenings, when a thought suddenly occurred to me and I decided to tweet #FunnyPashtunThings. And then I remembered seeing #AmazingPakistaniThings somewhere and I was like, hmmm, I’ll simply change amazing to awesome, replace Pakistani with Pashtun, and maybe tweet something about that. I mean using funny instead of awesome wasn’t bad, but I figured it’s better to use awesome, as it will make it more generic and give people a chance to tweet everything that is funny, amazing, and incredibly awesome about Pashtuns.

At the time, my reader needs to understand that I was really, really craving the Peshawari style chapli kababs. I was fortunate enough to have some the first day I arrived in Kyber-Pakhtunkhwa, just recently, and oh em gee, it was beyond heavenly! Too bad I had stomach problems the whole time I was in KPK, so I wasn’t able to stomach ‘strong’ foods and only had those incredible chapli kababs ONCE. Ugh, for shame! But, yeah, so I decided to tweet #AwesomePashtunThings – chapli kababs! And the next thing I know, people started to follow suit. One by one, every single Pashtun on my follower list started to tweet #AwesomePashtunThings, and suddenly their follower list started to do it too, and it literally became a dominoe effect, until every single Pashtun on Twitter started to tweet #AwesomePashtunThings; Pashtuns from all over the world, mind you! I literally spent four hours on Twitter yesterday, tweeting #AwesomePashtunThings, and mind you, I’ve never spent longer than 20 minutess on Twitter before! But yesterday was just WOW!

The fact is that I initially started this whole trend, and somehow it gives me a feeling of empowerment. Now I KNOW firsthand what it feels like to start something and have people follow suit, like it’s the most brilliant idea in the world. It’s such a beautiful feeling, man! The BEST part about this whole thing was that I was able to do something that I’d always dreamed about: Unite Pashtuns. Yes, I know, it was all done in cyberspace, but still. I came up with an idea and my “followers” loved it enough to run with it, and run so fast that almost every single Pashtun on Twitter was doing it! Even Bushra Gohar was tweeting #AwesomePashtunThings, yo! My reader needs to understand just how much I admire and respect this incredible Pashtun woman; she is absolutely brilliant! I literally want to be exactly like her in a few years; the way she talks; the way she carries herself; her incredible level of confidence; her ability to speak her mind without any fear; and the list goes on and on. She is my idol, and to have her also tweet something that I started is just magnificent! So, yeah, if that isn’t empowering then I seriously don’t know what is!

Anyway, we’re thinking of doing it again; yes, all over again! I even created a new profile page for #AwesomePashtunThings, so, if any of my readers happen to be Pashtun and use Twitter, make sure you join it here: https://twitter.com/#!/PashtunThings. Let’s hope that today turns out to be just as successful as yesterday. Seriously man, four freaking hours on Twitter! Here is my cue to say the most awesome Pashtun saying ever: Mara kho! 🙂

5 responses to “#AwesomePashtunThings Takes Twitter By Storm!

    • Oh really? Wow, mad props to them then! It’s kinda sucky how it suddenly died down though. It’s okay, we’ll rejuvenate it somehow and MAKE SURE it trends this time around, ka khairey. 🙂

  1. Thank you for another essential article. Where else could anyone get that kind of information in such a complete way of writing? I have a presentation incoming week, and I am on the lookout for such information.

    • Hahaha! Dude, I don’t think I knew you when this shit started on Twitter. Seriously, it was sooooo much FUN! And, yeah, the stuff we came up with were uber hilarious! We seriously need to do it again, so that it trends this time. We tried really hard for it to trend last time, but unfortunately not. Blah! 😀

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