Pashtun Organization For Women (POW)

I came across Pashtun Organization for Women not too long ago, on Facebook, and absolutely loved the theme and the cause of the group. I then decided to share an excerpt from a research paper I wrote on the sex/gender system in Afghanistan (that I will now officially be presenting at a conference next month). The excerpt can be accessed here.

Anyway, I got lots of very positive responses and feedback to my excerpt on the POW wall, and the next thing I know, I am exchanging long and very wonderful emails with the creator of POW — Ariana Karzai — a wonderful, intelligent, and incredibly inspiring Pashtun woman, whom I am honoured to call my sister now. We had instant rapport, and I must say, this is the first time I’ve met a Pashtana who has impressed me tremendously (besides women like Maryam Bibi and Bushra Gohar, of course). She and I are so alike, with similar goals and interests that I have to pinch myself to believe it. I’ve longed to meet Pashtaney girls like her, and I’m glad I met her sooner rather than later.  The best part is that she has now requested to make me an admin of the Pashtun Organization for Women group on Facebook, and I am truly honoured, to say the least. The group can be accessed here. Please join it, whether or not you’re Pashtun, and please spread the word! Thanks so much.

I’d also promised my darling sister that I will dedicate a blog post to her wonderful organization on my blog, and to further promote her excellent cause so, here it is:

About POW:

POW (originally means Prisoner of War) is a non profit organisation which aims to give Pashtun women a voice and create networks of support.

General Information:     


To create networks, where pashtun women can turn to inside Afghanistan for help and support. It is a central place that will connect women to other human rights activists and organizations and help address their needs.


The primary purpose of this organization is to create an environment for Pashtun women to speak their minds and bring any issues need addressing to the attention of all members.

Short term objective

Give Pashtun women a voice, create networks of support.

Long term Objective

Provide support for these networks, anyone ready and willing to reach the Pashtun women in areas otherwise not accessible to everyone. Support will be broad, but mainly including material, moral, and media access.

POW also has its own YouTube channel and that can be further accessed below:

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