Gender Analysis Of Little Women

I found yet another wonderful discovery from the past! A brilliant paper I wrote in my Children’s Literature class from undergrad! It’s a gender analysis of one of my most favourite books of all time: Little Women by Louisa May Alcott. If my reader has not read the book yet, then they need to run to the nearest library and grab a copy! It’s such a lovely and heart-warming story.

Anyway, I was looking all over the place for this paper, and unfortunately, because my last laptop had crashed, I lost everything I’d ever written. Luckily, I still have paper copies of some of the better stuff I wrote, of which this paper is one of them. So, I decided to scan it, and share it here on my blog. I’d have typed it but I didn’t have the energy nor the patience; and it would take up too much of my time (which I don’t have much of anyway, ’cause of school).

It looks like I got an 85% grade on it, which boggles me now, ’cause after reading this again, I feel I deserved at least a 98%. No, I’m not kidding. I’m not the one to self-praise (well, I am, but I try to be modest too!), but this paper is really, really good! By the way, the last page is missing, so the conclusion is incomplete. I have no idea where it got misplaced, but the gist of the paper is there, which is what matters. Oh, and just so that my darling readers know, it’s copyrighted. So, if any one of my readers would like to re-use it, cite it, or whatever, then please contact me privately. Thanks for understanding!

Without further ado, enjoy!


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