The Painful Truth

Someone just posted this on my wall with the tagline, “You will love this.” And she was right. Not only did I love it, but I read it seven times (and counting). I just love how raw and honest this; so painfully powerful in so many inexplicable ways. I’d love to have this read out loud by a spoken-word artist.

Brilliant. Just brilliant.


4 responses to “The Painful Truth

    • Thanks for your comment, Fiercely Yours, and for visiting my blog! 🙂 Oh, and you’re very welcome for the share!

  1. There’s lots of experiences which some people can resonate with. But it’s fairly meaningless to most, because they elect someone because of their policies and job performance and reliability and moral character.

    Ok, he’s gay, what does he think about national security and economics and immigration? He doesn’t care much because he’s rather depressed over his drug use and the loss of his lover and his aids, and honestly he’s rather tired from his leukemia and would prefer to go to sleep? Uh no. Poor health, mental or physical, is not a positive attribute for jobs.

    • Thanks for your comment thesecond, and I understand what you’re saying. However, I think the point of the letter is that a criteria for selecting a president should not be limited to what it morally and socially acceptable; there is a stereotype that presidents should be religious (moral), straight, rich (presently), and educated enough. And while I agree that education is very, very important, what’s wrong with selecting a gay president or an atheist president; or even perhaps a woman president. (Hilary Clinton and Sarah Palin was the BEST they got? And forget Sarah — she’s a moron!) Plus, most of these presidents PRETEND like they know what the poor, the sickly, or the destitute are going through, but in reality they have no clue. Most of them haven’t suffered/survived a deadly disease, nor experienced what’s it like to be abused/rape, ’cause most come from privileged homes with a silver spoon in their mouth. So, while it’s not realistic to have a president who is sick with cancer, it makes one wonder what it would like IF the president also suffered through life like any normal or lay person.

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