Undergrads These Days

So, I’m sitting in a cubicle on campus (I prefer the graduates’ centre, ’cause I get to have my own room [that I can lock], and all); but today I decided to try something a little new, and I’m glad I did ’cause there is something written on the right side of my cubicle that I just have to share. It reads:

“Did you know that your ears & nose never stop growing? I guess we’re all just living Pinocchios.” [LOL! Random much?]

And after that, a trail of comments followed suit, all written in different coloured pens (and handwritings), so I’m assuming it’s by several different people:

“You’re an idiot”


“Same with you”

“Hippogriff” [Not sure what this means…I’ll Google it later.]

“Get back to work”

And the best one so far…

“Muggle, get off Facebook and fuel me like a real death squad.” [WTF?! LMAO!]

Ahh, undergrads these days… 😛

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