Topics I Want To Write On…

…But just don’t gots the time! No really, the next few weeks are going to be so incredibly hectic, just thinking about it makes me dizzy. Let’s see, I am going to Halifax next week to present at a three-day conference, and then, once I come back, I have to work on that independent library research project – the one where myself and three other team members are writing a research paper on the late night library student (male/female) users (for this, I had to stay on campus till 3 am, twice a week, for two weeks), and I wish I could say it was lots of fun, but really, I’m so glad I’m done with all the interviewing and data collection. And now, my team members and I will have to write the paper (well, it’s actually a chapter for a book that my university library is planning to publish by this summer), so that’s pretty cool. I doubt I would have done this, if I wasn’t getting published. What? I’m being honest okay! Well, fine, I guess I’m not being completely honest, I must admit, it’s a pretty interesting research project; I guess I had issues with it ‘cause I just hated the idea of staying on campus for 13 hours to do it. I’ll share some of my results, once the chapter gets published; or better yet, I’ll just share the whole chapter. 😉

Anyway, besides that major ass project, I have a bunch of other smaller, but very time-consuming assignments and research papers, which means that I might have to put my blogging on hold for a little while. Sorry to disappoint, dear readers, but I’m literally swamped up to my neck, and I know I won’t have any time to blog; not even on the weekends. I know it’s sad. But it’s only temporary, so cheer up!

I also have a bad memory, yes, I know, I’m too young to be so damn forgetful, but trust me when I say this. So, I’m going to make a list of all the topics I’ve been meaning to write on, but just didn’t get the time, so here goes:

  1. International Women’s Day: A Tribute To Some Prominent Pashtun Women (Article)
  2. A Pashtun Perspective: Why Is Divorce Considered So Taboo In Our Culture? (Article)
  3. Blue Ghost (Poem)
  4. When In Rome, Do Almost As The Romans Do (Article)
  5. Pakistan Trip Journals (Yes, these are so freakin’ long overdue, but I promise come April, I will post all of them for your reading pleasure. I promise!)
  6. Uncalled Hatred For the West (Article)
  7. On The Topic Of Reincarnation (Article)
  8. The Difference Between Qualitative And Quantitative Methodical Analysis (Article)
  9. Fountain Of Truth (poem)
  10. Feminist Research: What Is It Exactly? (Article)
  11. The Fire That Burns Within (poem)

Okay, that’s all I can think of right now. Will add more later (I doubt it), but at least once I come back to blogging, I’ll know what I’d want to right on, without having to go back into my memory and retrieve it. Yes, I’m lazy too. Live with it. :p

Anyway, gotta get back to my mountain of work, so la’ers! :: Brtish accent ::

One response to “Topics I Want To Write On…

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